Sunday, August 05, 2007

We All Scream

From Edes on Extra Bases:

Pawtucket outfielder Brandon Moss will be joining the Red Sox tomorrow in Anaheim. He will temporarily take the place of Eric Hinske, who will be away from the club for three days for personal reasons. Moss has been taking ground balls at first base for the last couple of weeks, evidently in anticipation of such a move. There may be further details later.

So a couple of weeks ago, it was determined that Eric Hinske would have a personal issue a couple of weeks later? Is he getting his tonsils out? What's going on here?

It's possible that Hinske has had a personal situation that has been developing over the past few weeks, or maybe the Sox were preparing for a variety of scenarios (Drew taking a personal leave, Pena getting traded, Youks needing some rest for his wrist, etc.)
jere, in Ian Browne's notes column today, there was this quote from Tito: "Hinske's going through some difficulties," Francona said. "His wife is having a very difficult pregnancy. Then, the other day, his grandmother passed away, so it's not been a real good time for him. We're working on what we can do with him because we need to get him home."

Also, it was probably prudent for Moss to take GBs at 1B anyway. It's not like he's going to be cracking this team as a starting OF anytime soon, so increased positional flexibility will be a boon both for us and for any offseason trade talks. If he's viable over there defensively and we don't trade him, I would guess he almost certainly takes over Hinske's role next season.
in addition to "having a difficult pregnancy",I believe Hinske's wife is expected to actually GIVE BIRTH this week, an obvious inevitibility that OF COURSE they would have given some thought and planning to. The sad coincidence of the passing of Erik's grandmother allows the sox to replace him on the roster instead of just operating man-down.

Allen, good thinking, but if they can get value for Moss this off-season, I think they might try to get Millar back in that role for next year, particulary if they don't re-sign Lowell.
Maybe it's just pointless hoping, but if we don't trade WMP, it'd be nice to see Moss stick in the Hinske role. I've heard he's pretty good defensively as a corner OF, and we know Millar is not.

All bets off, I suppose, if our 4th OF isn't WMP and is someone we can count on for defense.

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