Thursday, August 02, 2007

Update To The Update To The Update

Is this all really happening?

Yanks were down 8-0, Sox were up 3-0, now 8-8 and 3-3. I feel like I'm bipolar. I ask myself almost every day: How do we survive 162 games of this? Every year???

10-8 Chisox, but that sure as hell doesn't feel safe.
I think Doug Mirabelli is the one that needs to be taken out back and put down...not scoring on that fly ball was inexcusable.
These games are officially making me bi-polar as well.
My email was all messed up so I didn't get your comments (or a bunch of emails) until just now. Aol is doing this now, it seems. Not updating mail right away. Great job, aol.
No problem, Jere, I was keeping myself entertained during the workday w/my stream of game commentary. Nice to get back to 8 games.
AJ, yes it was!!!! Good luck with the dreaded AOL, Jere!!

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