Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Than Youk

Finally some clutch hitting. A comeback win that we needed. Still up seven.

Two nights in a row now, a ball in the first inning hits the top of a wall and bounces way up and back into the crowd. And two nights in a row, Orsillo doesn't notice. This isn't a crucial mistake (especially tonight, on Pedroia's foul ball), but, man, I keep getting the feeling the announcers aren't seeing what we're seeing.

I have to say, nice sacrifice by Wily Mo in the third. You don't remember it? Well, at our house, when Wily Mo's up with a runner on first and less than two outs, we hope he makes one out instead of two. If he only makes one, he's "sacrificing" a possible two outs whenever he only makes one. Nice job, Wily Mo! Then he did it again in the eighth. Although in that spot, maybe a fly ball to the outfield instead of a popup, as an insurance run would've been big there. Seriously, what is this guy doing on the Boston Red Sox?

Could see on TV a guy in the crowd at Fenway wearing this monstrosity.

For the Yanks, after four tonight, they'd had 18 extra base in their last 15 innings. Ridiculous.

I am loving this A-Rod thing. Since hitting his 499th homer, he hasn't been able to connect for a long ball in 21 at bats. But that's not all--he hasn't been able to get a hit in those 21 at bats. Swingin' up, going for the dong, and flying out, over and over. (Hey, didn't I say something about him never getting another hit?) Any amount of pressure, and this guy chokes. But it's extra embarrassing when you're putting that pressure on yourself to reach a personal milestone, during a pennant race, and it's making you a detriment to the team. Well, it would if the rest of the Yanks would stop hitting! I think they've had 500 homers combined since Alex got his 499th....

Update, 12:26 AM: I've got the SF-LA game on, and I'm lovin' this Connecticut kid, Rajai Davis. Born in Norwich, went to HS in New London, college in Groton. (Which MLB calls "Groten"--but, hey, they also say his current status is "minor leagues.) Fast as hell. Should be good for whatever the hell it is they do over in the NL. Assman was just pitching for LA. Bonds on deck. If I haven't added to this post by morning, it means he didn't homer.

Jere, I don't think ANYONE knows what WMP, poor in the field and worse at the plate, is doing in the lineup. I wish it was fiction, not fact. Last night was a great comeback victory. For the first six, I was having doubts, and dreaming about crooked numbers on the botton half of the scoreboard. And then....BOOM!!!! More boom this afternoon.
Mom here.
Sometimes, Remy and Orsillo bring to mind Dan Rather reporting live on 9/11 that there was a rumor that one of the World Trade Center towers had actually collapsed while behind him on a monitor was a shot of the tower already down.
Presumably, the monitors in front of Remy and Orsillo are showing what we're seeing on TV. Is that not the case? Are they too busy eating doughnuts (Orsillo), or chain smoking (Remy)?
Mom, I was watching (and taping) Peter Jennings that day. Tower starts falling. Jennings talking about something else. Eventually, "What's this now?" Tower completely gone. Big space where it used to be. Jennings: "So what are you saying, part of the tower has collapsed??"

"No, Peter, the WHOLE building has collapsed!"

I should put that on YouTube. These TV people need to get in touch with what they themselves are showing us!

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