Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sox Party Like 1999 Is 2000

NESN keeps telling us that the Sox have just won their first series in Seattle since 1999. That's wrong. We won one there in 2000.

July 31st: Red Sox 8, Mariners 5
August 1st: Mariners 5, Red Sox 4 (19 inn.)
August 2nd: Red Sox 5, Mariners 2

I checked the news to see who else reported it incorrectly. There was this ProJo article from before the series, although they got it right--we hadn't won a season series in Seattle since 1999. Maybe that's where NESN got it from, and they left out a key word. But, wait--we didn't win this season's series, we only won this second of two series, losing the season series there 4-2. Just sayin', take a peek at the records, NESN. It takes, like, a few minutes. So, the final, official truth is: We just won our first series in Seattle since 2000. We still haven't won a season series there since 1999, though two of those seasons we tied, and three others consisted of three games total.

Anyway, the Sox, up until '98, kicked butt in Seattle against the Ms. From the start of the Mariners' existence in '77 til '97, we won 23 series, and lost 12, with four ties. We swept them nine times, and were swept four (though three of those were two-game series.) We were 71-50 overall in Seattle. After 1997, though, they've beat us in 10 series in Seattle, and we've beat them in three, with three ties, two of those in 2004. They're 29-19 against us in that span. Making the total record 90 wins for us, 79 for them, in Seattle. That is, if I did the math correctly....

Good win today, with Josh being on, Manny doing the Baby Bull charge in the dugout, and Coco almost getting killed by a moose on an ATV. We're still 7 ahead, going to Anaheim.

Happy birthday to Spike and Tabatha, who would've been 23 today.


Hinske: will be away from team for three days, due to wife having difficult pregnancy. Still waiting to see if Moss can come up. Also, Lopez will go to Pawtucket to make room for Schilling, who pitches Monday night.

Gagne's accent: From commenter el cerdo ignatius:

The accent over the e in Gagné's name indicates how to pronounce the e, not which syllable to stress (as might be the case with certain accents in Spanish or Greek words). The e with un accent aigu - i.e., é - is always pronounced approximately as a long A is pronounced in English. Oh, and the infinitive form of Eric's last name, gagner, means "to win". The word "gagné" means "won". Heh. (You probably knew this already.) Go Sox... and toothaches, sprains, strains, pains and uncountable losses to the Yanks.

Love the last line. Still wondering about the positioning of the accent on the uni. It's definitely above the nameplate. I can't remember if this is the usual way we do it. Like, is Pena's accent mark on the nameplate or above it?

From Jere's Mom:
Somebody needs to tell Coco that it's acceptable to be angry--enraged, even--when he's nearly killed leaving the dugout to take his position.
Time to ban all this mascot shit and play baseball.
Someone less lazy than me might be able to find a better picture:

Looks like Pena's accent is in the nameplate. A possible error on Gagne's that got a quick-fix? A developing story to be sure.

And you mention still waiting to see if Moss can come up. So long as MLB approves a move of Hinske to the bereavement list, this seems a foregone conclusion. And I don't see why they'd deny the request.

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