Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Son Of A Sarge

So I'm sittin' there, in the eighth inning, thinkin', I know a team that needs a magical, walk-off win that sends them hurtling toward the playoffs. That team's name, my friends, was the Red Sox of Boston town. And Lowell comes through in the ninth, tying it up. Then Jason and Coco get the winning run home. Fun.

What a great win on the night of Lester's return to Fenway. And what a great job Jon Simon Richie Lester did.

Yanks lose, 12-0, so we're five up.

Last season, I was at a Sox-Rangers game at Fenway. It was Lester's first start. I'll never forget this group of college-aged dudes to the right of me heckling Gary Matthews, Jr. We were sitting right by the visitors' dugout, and every time Gary came off the field, these guys would be all over him. I remember my girlfriend and I trying to figure out why these guys hated Matthews so much. It definitely wasn't random heckling. You have to figure he did something to be singled out, right? There were definitely no racist remarks. If there were, we and/or others around the area would've gotten them tossed. But they seemed really pissed.

Now, Matthews has said some pretty bad stuff about Sox fans--and I wonder if whatever went on that day had anything to do with it. As per the common tactic, he went the "say Yankee fans are better to make us mad" route. Because nobody actually thinks Yankee fans as a whole are "couth." Cyn did a great post about all this today. You can see why I call that one section of Yankee Stadium the "Bleacher Cretins." What you see in the video she shows is not a one-time thing or "one bad apple." It's just the way it is out there.

So, Gary, I hope you have fun in a few years when you finally put on your Yankee pinstripes and talk about how you "just"feel something special deep inside." It'll be even more fun to root against you then. In the meantime, enjoy Fenway this weekend! We'll show ya "couth"!

Above: A previously unseen photo of Matthews from our sweet seats that day last June.

Never mind Gary Matthews; did you hear about Jose Offerman pulling a Juan Marichal?:

I was just at a Bridgeport Bluefish game a couple of weeks ago; guess I should have waited for Bat Night. Tommy John is the Bridgeport manager...
Hmmmmmmm? I'd say Gary has a hair across his as*. Nice move on his part to speak up this week when he's coming here to play this weekend.

Maybe the guy with the A-Rod blond bimbo masks has something in his attic for Gary this weekend?

ya never know Jere, ya never know?

jfAJM: That's crazy. The one Bluefish game I went to, Offerman was playing for them--and he made an error.
Not about Matthews, but about last night's game in particular and the whole season as a whole.
Last year Trot Nixon:
1 Made somewhere between 3 and 5 million a year.(could have been 7 or 8, but he stopped sending me his W2 forms somewhere around 1994)
2 Didn't play against left handed pitchers because he couldn't hit them.
3 Was hurt a lot.
4 Played with enthusiasm, almost as if each game was his last.(as it finally turned out to be.)
So the we go out and get J.D. Drew, whose name is actually David Jonathan Drew,(shouldn't he be D.J. Drew?)who:
1 Makes 17 million a year. (I know 'cause I read it on the internet so it must be true)
2 Can't hit left handed pitchers.
3 Is hurt a lot. (I cringe when he doubles in fear that he's gonna pull something)
4 Doesn't seem to much care which team he plays for as long as the money is good.
Now if I'm John Henry,I'm wondering why I'm spending 17 mill a year, when I let a virtually identical player, that I could have had far cheaper, walk.
Sorry for the length of this comment. I just couldn't help myself. Just don't get me started on Francona.
You're exactly right--I've been saying this since the day we got Drew.... We can still hope he comes through down the stretch. We'll see.

See this post if you missed it:
//David Jonathan Drew,(shouldn't he be D.J. Drew//

He's "JD" because his father's name is David, so his family called him Jonathan, which his friends shortened to "JD" for Jonathan Drew.

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