Thursday, August 02, 2007

So Much Better Now

This day isn't quite as crazy as Butch's in Pulp Fiction, but it's close.

We ended up winning, with Gagne pitching the ninth. I really needed this, to at least ensure the Yanks don't gain on a day when they went down 8-0.

Now, the ChiSox are up 11-9 in the seventh. White Sox. Please. Come on, now.

That Mirabelli play. Wow. He leaves early, then goes back to re-tag, and gets thrown out at the plate. Good thing he redeemed himself. 7.5 up at the moment. Today's events have been (and are still being) captured in this comment thread at Joy of Sox.

Update: Yanks waste their 8-run comeback and lose, 13-9. Like I said, this is an awesome day. 8 games up.

I was surveying the wreckage of the Clemens start and found this awesome line in a Yankee blog. Thought you'd enjoy it, too.

"We’ve secretly replaced Roger Clemens with Kei Igawa in a fat suit, lets see if anyone notices."
Thank you. I am just now finding out that the Yankees lost.


You're welcome.

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