Friday, August 31, 2007


Red Sox, don't cut a six run lead to one and put the tying and winning runs on base unless you're gonna finish the job! Going to the bottom of the seventh, down six, I felt we had a really good chance to win. This was the O's bullpen, after all. But it wasn't to be. Damn!

It's okay, the ringless-since-2000 ones got destroyed by the Devil Rays at home, so we're still 5 up. I'd say "I knew they used up all their energy against us," as I fully expected a letdown from them tonight. But it is true about momentum ending with that day's starting pitcher. Phil Hughes Philled his Huggies, and the D-Rays guy threw a gem--a run on two hits, with no walks, in eight innings.

Buchholz goes tomorrow, as Tavarez had to move up to tonight. (Nobody's mentioning that he'd already earned another start that would've been tomorrow before it was determined Wake wouldn't go tonight.) Then it's Lester on Sunday. Wow, a three-game series in which none of our top four starters pitch.

How crazy was that play where Roberts missed the ball by the stands, and Millar goes and fist-pumps the fan? It also brought up a question in my mind: Where is the imaginary line that the fans can't cross without being called for interference? Is it the edge of the field or the edge of the stands? Because in that spot, there's a sign that sticks out from the wall. So the air above the sign is kind of a mystery zone. I'd guess you can stick your hand out to the point where the field starts. So if there's a sign, you can reach, technically, out of the stands, as long as your hand doesn't extend to a point over the field of play. But what about tarps? Can you reach out to the top of the cylinder? Or all the way out to a point above the field-facing side of the tarp? Or out at all? Wait, the fielder is allowed on top of the tarp, so maybe the fielders totally have the right to the air above the entire tarp, and/or signs, as long as they're low enough to climb on to or reach over. (see diagram, click to enlarge)

Call-ups for tomorrow: "& Meyers" Ellsbury, "B-randy" Moss, Royce "I totally played when Jere was still collecting baseball cards. Okay, non-Gedman baseball cards." Clayton, and Bryan "Here Are Some Words That Rhyme With" Corey. And Double-H Buchholz, of course.

Tito got pissed when a cell phone kept ringing at the post-game press conference. Stick it to the man, Tito. Humans are the rudest. Speaking of Tito, I flipped past CNN today, and noticed the words "Red Sox" on their bottom scroll. I kept reading: "...manager Terry Rancona was ejected from yesterday's game..." The next headline came up, and it was completely unrelated. First of all, the name thing. Terrible job. Second of all, how is this fact by itself, or even with other more important facts from the game, CNN-worthy news? Reading the next few headlines, I did get the feeling they gave the job to a high school intern for the day or something.

Oh, and did you see after the top of the first tonight, when NESN forgot to go to commercial? As soon as the music cut out at the point they should have cut to ads, and then came back...I knew we were in for a treat. I'm on my feet yelling to my girlfriend, "We may get secret talking! Secret talking!" It stayed silent, and then you heard a mic click on. A breath is let out... Here we go... Unfortunately, there was no cursing or anything, but we did get to hear Don and Remy trying to figure out how to get a pre-game interview, and how they have to pay for it or something. I love that stuff. When we first got cable back in the 80s, there was a certain news channel that would show the reporters sitting there during what was a commercial break--for some viewers, not for us. You'd hear some funny stuff....

I thought I was the only one who liked to catch Jerry and Don "off" the air. MLBTV is good for a couple of these each game.
The Sox are kings of the double plays this year. You almost knew that Varitek was going to end the game that way. Oh well, at least the Yanks lost...
Dave: That's right, you do get that stuff on I forgot about that. Have only seen a few Yankee games on there this year, and nothing else.

Marc: In that situation, I wasn't thinking that, and that had something to do with the fact that the O's looked prime to blow that game....but I know what you mean.
& was there @ that Friday Night Game in BOX 90, in Section 4:

Wakey scratched because of his back;

Tarvarez & Timlin S--- the bed

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