Thursday, August 23, 2007

Save Tiger Stadium! Or Not!

Ernie Harwell is trying to turn the old Tiger Stadium into a music & baseball museum. His plan also would allow for amateur games to be played there.

I'm all for it. Then again, if that doesn't work, they'll be demolishing the place, and auctioning off seats and stuff. You know how I like junk, so if that's how it goes down, that's fine, too. Of course, I always imagine these things happening like this:

"Tiger Stadium seats here! We've got so many, they're five bucks each!"

I'm just hoping I can get any piece of Tiger Stadium if I can, just because. I did get to see a game there once, in 1999. It's where I had a little run-in with Roger Clemens, which I've either told you about, or haven't but said I will. Either way, I'll bring it up again here someday.

Mom here.
When yankee stadium was renovated a few decades ago, you could get a a seat for a buck or a whole row for five. And Dad said, NO!
I've actually sat in one of those bargain rows in the bar of The Fish House in Old Saybrook, CT.
They line the wall and are meant for people waiting for a table who can't find space at the actual bar.
I know I said this before in comments, but the best view I've ever had of a major league game was sitting in the front row of the second deck above the third base dugout at Tiger Stadium (July '99, final series played there by the Sox). I'd prefer that they keep it intact, but that's probably not realistic.

I would have remembered the Clemens run-in story; you have to tell that one. Man, do I hate that piece of crap.
Mom, that's funny. A girl I dated (remember Anne--terrible job by her in general) had old Yankee Stadium in her basement. Her dad got them. After she showed me those, she said he had a Yankee-related name picked out for her, had she been a boy. I guessed Mickey, she said no. I thought more--hmmm, 70s.....Thurman? She was amazed, I'd gotten it right on guess two.

AJM: I remember your story. I will tell that Clemens one by end of this season. I hope.

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