Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rest Sox

That's what appeared on mlb's Gameday scoreboard. 3C to 3. I guess "30" was too wide. I could not believe it when I saw that final score flash at the bottom of ESPN tonight. Biggest shock of that type since 2004, when I checked for the Nebraska football score, and saw that my Huskers had lost 70-10. Definitely a moment where you look around the area of the score, trying to absolutely make sure they mean the sport or league you think they mean.

But the Rangers really did it. 30 runs against the poor O-Birds. (Gabbo got the win!) And then they played game two, in which the Rangers scored three in the eighth to win 9-7. 39-10 for the day. Unbelievable.

I missed most of the Sox game tonight because I played organized softball for the first time since '94. Doubleheader. We got swept, but were not quite as bad as the O's tonight. I had a few hits and scored a run, but the best inning was when I caught a pop-up at short for out number one, my girlfriend threw from second to first on a grounder for out number two, and I threw from short to first on a grounder for out number three. We were the Trammell/Whitaker in this game. The Barrett/Owen if you will.

So we get in the car to hear Castiglione talking about how the Sox have stranded 12 runners. Then we get home to see the top of the ninth, and hear how Manny had the night off. And Tito refused to use him as a pinch hitter, and we lose 2-1 to Tampa. It's mind-boggling to me. Tina asked him about it afterwards, and he said sometimes you play your hand. Sorry, but if my hand was a ten and a three, and the dealer allowed me to exchange the three for even, say, a nine, I'd take my chances with the king-nine. I hope you know blackjack or that made no sense to you. Hey, when is blackjack gonna catch on? That I might watch. (You know, when it comes to "cards on TV.")

The Red Sox win. The Rest Sox lose. This is the perfect situation where we all could've been happy--the player gets his day off, which the "rest" people seem to think is so important, but he pinch hits, giving us a shot to actually win the game. Is that one at bat really gonna make the guy that much worse in September? Speaking of that, it almost IS September! When's the point where Tito says, Okay, everybody's rested and ready to play again?!

Angels had finally tied the Yanks at one in the sixth, but Peter Brady lost it right after that, and their relievers didn't do much better. 7-1 Yanks in the ninth. If they hold on, we're up five, going to Chicago for four while they go to Detroit for four, and then we play each other.

Two things about last night's game. First, what was Lugo thinkin' when he was arguing with the umpire about a called strike? Did he not understand that with Pedroia out, there was no one to replace him if he got ejected? And how about Papi getting thrown out at the plate. Does he ever think about going OVER the catcher instead of always sliding around him? A collision or two may make the catcher slightly less willing to block the plate. TJ by both IMHO.
I am thisclose to going postal if one more regular sits out one more effin' game and a bone isn't showing. This is un-freakin'-believable.
The most remarkable thing to me about that game was the dude getting a save for the Rangers for pitching the last three scoreless innings...that really looks odd in the box score...

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