Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pulling Away

Here's a thought. If Wakefield's so great at the D-Rays' stadium, why don't the Rays try to get a knuckleballer? The conditions are obviously optimal.

Red Sox win again tonight against Tampa. A little dicey, as Lester again had problems getting out of the fifth. Everybody in the lineup had a hit, though, and Papelbon saved it, making him the only Sox player to ever have two 30-save seasons.

Yanks down 13-5 as I type this. If the Angels hold on, we're six up. After they took a 7-1 lead, knocking Mussina out, the Yanks came back with a classic TYR (typical Yankee rally). What other team can get four runs out of an inning like this: Walk, walk, bloop over second baseman, catchable fly ball to deep center, ground out, ground out, strikeout? The Yanks did, and quickly it was 7-5, with six innings to go. But the Angels, fortunately, have widened the gap.

Some of you may know that the Waterbury, CT, area is getting NESN, as their cable company has made the decision to offer it. The Sox are doing a big welcome-deal, as they did in New Haven in '04 (where they'd return a few months later with trophy in tow). Apparently, Diane Smith interviewed Larry Lucchino on WTIC this morning about this, and mentioned my blog! I don't know what exactly she said, but I can only hope it sounded something like, "When are you going to do something about the travesty that is Fairfield County being the only one in New England who doesn't get New England Sports Network? Unlike the Waterbury area, Fairfield's nearly one million people can't do anything about it, as the cable companies can't get NESN, because it's considered by MLB to be outside the Red Sox' viewing area."

Well, even if she didn't put it quite like that, I'm thrilled she mentioned this blog. Nice job, Diane. (Connecticut people know her for her many years as a great anchor on channel 8. Now she does the public television show "Positively Connecticut," as well as the radio show on 'TIC.)

I also would like to thank David Laurila for including me in a story about the Red Sox on the internet, which appears in the 2007 Red Sox Nation Annual. I saw a copy today--he did a great job, and promoted many other Sox blogs that I like. You probably know David from all the interviews he does with Sox prospects, which appear on Funny, the quote of mine he used involved "a friend of mine," who is actually Reb (remember Reb Sox? She doesn't, uh, update it much these days...), who I'd also like to thank for having my girlfriend and I over to her family's cabin this past weekend. It was a "do stuff afterwords"-y time there, as we played Cranium, where you roll the dice after you take your turn, and Manipulation, where you draw a card after you take your turn. Unorthodox-o-rama!

Anderson hits a grand slam. First Angel in history to get 10 RBI--and he should get another AB. Angels lead 18-5 in the sixth. I'm callin' this one! Six games up. And the Yanks will be 2.5 back of the WC.

As my daughter would say, "Sa-weet..."
Hi, I didn't tune into the portion of the TIC morning show at that time. I'm usually on it from 5-6am, and then go to Howard. Congrats! She (Diane) is a huge Yankee fan.
Glad you had fun up at Reb's. Say hi for me, as we try to climb from 26 games over .500 to 30.efore August is over. That would be nice, wouldn't it??
These next seven days should put the Yanks back to the 12 games, where they belong!

Thanks Angels! I hope you're taking notes Detriot on "How to Beat this Yankee team!!!!!!!"

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