Wednesday, August 08, 2007

People And Their Stupidity

Nobody in their right mind really thinks the Yanks and Sox, or their fans, are the same. That's just something people say to piss of Sox fans. It's a laughable idea. I've given you many reasons here over the years to support my position on this. But while Murray Chass is claiming the teams are the same, I'm receiving emails from the Yanks offering tickets for FIVE DOLLARS on weekdays and HALF PRICE on weekends for much of the rest of the season.

The Red Sox don't need to make ridiculous offers to their fans to get us to come out to Fenway. But the Yanks, even with the team's recent surge against the Little League teams of baseball, have to basically GIVE tickets away to get people to come out. Once they do, they need not fear if they don't know when to cheer--the Yankee Stadium scoreboard and organ WILL TELL THEM WHEN TO!

There are fundamental differences between these organizations. When people tell you they're the same, check their brain switch, and feel free to flip it on for them.

Murray Chass is an idiot. But I am in my right mind, and not an idiot, and have considerable experience with both Yankees fans and Red Sox fans. And I think they are fundamentally the same.
Well put Jere!

......well put!

Yankee fans are the BIGGEST band wagon jumpers I've ever seen in my life.

"Oh the Yankees are winning? We can watch again, be fans and like them this week?"

They'll all be off the wagon after the "Have to Play Good Teams" tour, just about to start and continue through the end of the month.
Let's put it this way:

I was in Section 3 Grandstand on May 20th;

It's in 3 where "Let's Go Red Sox" & "Yankees Suck", chants start & the Rest of the park picks up from there;

Yankmes Fans NEED all those discounts & don't know who they're watching after 9 beers in the top of the 2nd
Yeah, RSBB, we got nothin' to worry about when it comes to them.

L: How can that possibly be? Let's put it this way: if you're talking about strictly the people who are die-hard fans of both teams, we do have a similarity, but only that we love our team, and stuff like that. But that's something all die-hard fans of any team have in common. But a majority of people who wear Yankee hats are SO different from the experience anyone with a Sox connection has gone through.

And if you talk about people who CHOOSE what team to like--even more different! For 86 years, if you made a conscious decision to root for the Sox, it was a completely different experience than if you took the easy way out and chose to be a Yankee fan. And as we can see, Yankee fans have pretty much forgotten the fact that we have finally won. Putting on the Yankee hat now, you're still getting the 26 championships.

I think being a fan of the team with by far the most wins is TOTALLY different than liking any other team, as is being a fan of the one with the most heartbreaks.

It's so different--Sox fans and Yankee bandwagoners. Night and day.

Have you ever gone to Fenway over an extended period of time, like you have with Yankee Stadium? I've been to lots and lots of games at both parks. One's a stadium, one's a park. It's different from the moment you get near each one.

And I still say, imagine if Yankee fans had to go 86 years without a title. Think of how many would just give up in the first 20 years alone. Look at that one lady who wrote the piece about divorcing the Yanks because she "couldn't take it any more." She said this when her team had won the division for the past fucking decade! Night and day!

Imagne a fan of any other team, who made the playoffs 11 years in a row giving up because they couldn't take the "losing"???
Also, what Michael said:)

Funny, Section 3 figures prominently in my next post.
I never said the ballparks are the same. Your post wasn't about that.

Sorry, you know I disagree with you about this. And the more you argue, the more you prove my point.
Or, from my point of view, my point.

I said there are differences between the organization. That includes the ballparks. And, wait, I did specifically mention it in the post--about how their scoreboard tells them when to cheer, when that's never once happened at Fenway--not one da da da dun, da daaa...Charge! Not one "Let's make some noise" on the board.

These things make the fans' experience, and therefore the fans themselves, different.
"And I think they are fundamentally the same."

They are. The funny thing is that the more someone goes red-in-the-face denying it, the closer they are to proving it's true.

I just can't believe an actual grown up would think this way.
I was responding to your saying the fans are fundamentally different, and said so in my first comment.

That's the only part I was responding to.

I can't flesh out my reasoning without offending you. That's why I don't.
I think some clear proof is watching the Sox on the road, when the chants of the Red Sox fans -- obviously not promopted in other parks -- often drown out what chants or cheers are coming from the home crowd. It's nothing out of the ordinary to here "YOOOOOOUK!" or the "Here we go, Red Sox" chant erupt from *any* crowd, in *any* park. No, we certainly do not need to ne told when & how to cheer.
"I just can't believe an actual grown up would think this way."

Oooooooh, me a little baby, you big daddy man who knows all. Mr. mature man enters argument, then makes fun of those who are in same argument just for being in it. Mr. psuedonym man is most mature! Me wish me was like retarded fuckwad man who says two most opposite people in world are "same" and expects those two groups to go quietly into night when accused. Goo goo. Me was condescended upon, me bow down to better human who talks like his opinion is fact. Me have feeling MrDickDrago man will tell me Jeter eats his own farts with next comment. True champion of internet. Boy is my face red. Waaaaaaahhh. Show me how to live like, Mr Dick. Here's the truth. I know the truth cuz I am Dickman. Dickman knows all. He and his actual grown ups can go fuck selves, we kids will have fun here playing our games. Mr. Dick knows what's important in life, he no waste time at silly fan blogs.
I just realized how badly I exhibited my spelling skills in my previous comment. That'll teach me to make a comment when I was up late watching the Sox play on West Coast time for the past week. =P I would say I should have proofread myself before posting, but... I'm not sure that would have helped last night. ::rolls eyes::
Jere, I am so glad your politics and world view are not like your fan-ness. You would be one of the most jingoistic wingnuts on the internet.

But you're not.

And I'm very glad.

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