Tuesday, September 04, 2007

October Will Tell

You can't spell MVP without Most. And you can't spell Most without M.O. And M.O., people, stands for Magglio Ordonez. What I'm saying is, I think Magglio's gonna beat out A-Rod for AL MVP, and I clearly can't think of a very good play on words to show it.

Take a look at the numbers. A-Rod has the inflated HR number. And he does also have a big lead in slugging. But Magglio hits 50 points higher than A-Rod, and has a higher OBP. If you look at the classic three stats (note: we all know some voters look only at this), you'll see that at the end of the year, both will have big, MVP-caliber HR and RBI numbers, but Magglio's average will be closer to .345, while A-Rod's will be closer to .305. We'll see what happens. If A-Rod wins the MVP, and the Yanks miss the playoffs--well, I'd sign up for that right now. In the meantime, I'll have fun rooting against A-Rod in all aspects of his life.

So, we've almost completed a full season of Glen Geffner being Castiglione's part-time partner. Reviews have been less than stellar. I, of course, finally have NESN, but I have heard the guy a lot in car situations. I have to say, I see why people don't like him, but I also saw why people didn't like Pedroia in April. One guy even called WEEI and said he's just too short. And look how that's turned out. It's just like anything else, give the guy time. You just may get used to him. He'll get more comfortable, and he does know his baseball.

Still, though, when I hear his voice, I hear the New York Knights announcer from The Natural.

Geffner could become a booth staple--or it could be "Goodbye, Mr. Balding." We'll see if he's back next year....

I just got an e-mail about playoff tickets! Okay, it was from the Phillies. But still! I"m getting psyched for the 'offs. I love the fall: Nebraska football and sweatshirts at Fenway.

I guess my problem with him is that you never know what's happening. One time during a drive, it went like "a fly ball to crisp...crisp moves back...and it's gone" in a complete monotone. I thought i misheard him say "gone", and was confused for like 10 seconds.

he's the anti-joe i guess

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