Wednesday, August 08, 2007

No Spiders

Another frustrating game, with homers robbed, and many plays at the plate going the wrong way. I know you "real" Sox fans know we've got the best record in baseball, we've got an easy schedule coming up including two D-Rays series, and the second-place team has a tough schedule coming up, as well as serious pitching issues. But for you worriers, who don't really exist, but rather are planted on radio call in shows, just think, we could be Cleveland Spiders fans, 108 years ago.

There was no partying in Cleveland in 1899. The Spiders of the National League finished the season 35 games back...of the next-to-last place team. Going into August 26th, with a record of 19-94, 55 games out of first, Cleveland lost 24 in a row, before winning a game, then losing the season's final 16 games. The first place Brooklyn Superbas went 101-47-2, 84 games better than the Spiders, who finished 20-134.

They did have 19 winning streaks that year. One was two games long. The other 18 were one-gamers.

Starter Jim Hughey was their most used pitcher, going 4-30. Frank Bates wasn't so lucky, going 1-18 with a 7.24 ERA. A crazy season, as pitcher Crazy Schmit (2-17) could tell you. And as pitcher Harry Colliflower (1-11, 8.17 ERA) could tell you, things got hairy before the season even started. Basically, the team owners took all the best Spiders and moved them to the St. Louis team--who they also owned!

The arachnids' season, and history, mercifully came to a close in Cincinnati on October 15th, when they were swept in a doubleheader by the Reds by a combined score of 35-4. Read more about the club here.

There have now been two home run kings in my lifetime. Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds. Keep adding on to that total, Barry. Make it as hard as possible for A-Rod to catch you. But I don't think we'll have to worry about that. Hitting 30 homers in each of the next eight seasons is no guarantee--and that wouldn't even get him there.

The guy who caught the ball was a 22-year old guy from Queens named Matt Murphy, who was wearing a Mets jersey! Sweet. It wasn't Matt "Guitar" Murphy, but the guy did have to survive a mosh pit to get the ball. He was escorted away from the stands. That's right, the game went on without its dry white toast, without its four fried chickens, and without Matt Murphy.

Matt Murphy went through quite the struggle to hang on to that ball. His face was bloody! And the Yankees refuse to lose, and it's so so frustrating. But I can't blame it on bad calls or good luck. Darn it, they're playing good baseball. Now it's time for the Sox to show us how much they want it. I know they will.
How's the book coming??? I can't wait!
I also made a "Matt 'Guitar' Murphy" reference in my Bonds post today, but you're last line was a classic, Jere. Gotta love The Blues Brothers...
Peter: I promise I'll let everyone know about any book developments.

Quinn: Thanks. But it's Aretha's line.... I'll check your post out.
Oh yes, the Great 'Retha. Sorry if I shortchanged her. Still, a great use of her line, Jere.
haha. Thanks.
A-Rod? psh. Pujols.
See, that's what I'm talkin' about: If people wanna say, Hey, there's a new HR record, but others could one day break that record, let's debate who it might be....that would be great.

Instead, it's "I am a robot. Internet told me A-Rod break record."

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