Friday, August 24, 2007

More Yaz (The Guy)

Today I came across a picture of Yaz, whose caption said it was from the 1975 World Series. The fact that Yaz was wearing a home uniform in a park other than Fenway told me that wasn't the case. It was a Reds catcher, but it wasn't the Series. It finally hit me that it must be an All-Star Game. That plus the fact that there was a red, see-through fence in the background made me sure of it: The '75 All-Star Game at Milwaukee's County Stadium. (Of course, I e-mailed the site to correct them, but the address was invalid. In fact, the site hadn't been updated since after the '03 season. But they said things were looking good for '04!)

So, here's the picture. Note that Yaz had red shoes, although the Sox didn't go that route until a few years later. He wore blue shoes in the World Series that year, so it must've been an ASG thing. He's also wearing his cap instead of a helmet:

Later, I saw that had the '75 All-Star Game, so I went to the exact spot (Yaz only saw one pitch in that game, and knocked it out, sending Bernie Brewer down his slide) in the game as the picture and grabbed a screenshot. So, here's a different angle of the exact same moment:

Stuff like this provides me endless entertainment. Like El Chapulin Colorado.

Double-header Friday with the rainout tonight. Oh, and for more about Yaz, scroll down....

Man, that's a great pic. You know that I eat stuff like this up. I remember watching that game; Jon Matlack and Bill Madlock were co-MVPs, which I found amusing at the time. I can't believe that Yaz hit without a batting helmet; I know the game was an exhibition, but by this point they had been around for over 20-years and I think had been mandatory for a long while (and I think the ear-flaps were also mandatory for all new players by this point).

That was a great ballpark, I went to it during my Wrigley/Milwaukee/Comiskey tour back in '88. A little old lady baked 'Triple-Play Muffins' in a bakery behind the plate.
Thanks for your memories as usual!

That was the "Major League" park, too.

Did you know Bob Montgomery was the last to wear a hat at the plate in a regular season game?
Yep, but Montgomery actually wore a protective insert within his soft cap; picture and story here:

He was 'grandfathered' in when it became required that all batters wear helmets; he started playing in the Sox' organization in 1963, and made his major league debut in 1970, so I guess helmets became mandatory in professional baseball in that timeframe.

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