Thursday, August 09, 2007

Momentum Shift

That was the kind of day we needed. Bob Ryan, before our game, actually showed his Whatever-Meter at being between "Panic" and "On the ledge." Yes, he was actually beyond panic. About the team with the best record in baseball.

But the Yanks had already been blown away. With all this recent talk of Wang being the best pitcher in the world, I loved seeing him get shelled. Eight runs in less than three innings. And they did nothing against Halladay. Yanks are going nowhere. Well, actually, they're going to Cleveland, while we go to Baltimore. A chance to get some space back between us and them.

In our game--well, it just ended and it's 2:15 AM. But we came back to win. Gagne with a spoon, Pap with a save. Nice to see Moss get his first hit. And the Doubler had three doubles and a single. Pedroia's dong off Anderson's glove was the game-winner. In the seventh, my power went out. The A/C was running, the lights were on, the TV was going, I was on the laptop--and boom, darkness and silence. Except for the laptop, but since my battery recently died on me, I knew what was about to happen. Two seconds passed, and the screen flipped off. While feeling around the room for the little radio, I found myself face to face with a glowing skull. Kind of scary. I finally got the radio, and Geffner talked me through the Mighty Oak's inning. Soon, the power was back, and I watched us go on to the win, while thousands of Sox fans cheered in southern California.

Wow, no power on a night that our Sox finally showed some...and it was needed. 93 pitches in 3 1/3 innings for Jon Lester? My WAS nice to see Wang winged, and our bullpen, again, was sweet. And now, we're back to 7pm weekday games...I can't believe you stayed up for the entire contest last night. I lasted until....until....I think the third (inning, not pitch)...I was sleeping after that.
Always great to read you...hi to your co-author. I can't wait!!!
I listened to a week of those imbeciles Sterling and Waldman this week, 'cuz you can get Yankee games on the Cape...we Sox fans should NEVER take our media guys for granted, even Geffner!!
The Kaylee Vigil Is Now Underway:

I think that she was cheered by Last Night's News
Like I said in my own blog: I will worry about the EE when they can continue to win while playing against three weeks worth of *real* baseball teams. Winning 1428 series against the Royals & Rays don't exactly make me shake in my boots (even though the Royals frequently make *us* foolish for some inexplicable reason).

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