Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kiss '07 Goodbye, Yanks

If the Yanks had scored two runs tonight, it would've been Christine Sixteen to Deuce in Detroit Rock City. But like everything else tonight, they effed that up, too. 16-0.

I have to say, that's about the score I imagined for them tonight. The phonin'-it-in Moose on the hill, and the whole team not very inspired to play at all knowing we just swept. I guess they have that wild card to shoot for, but if they keep playing like the dead team they are, they're not even gonna have a chance to get their asses kicked by us in the ALCS.

You know what's funny? When I hear people say, "I really don't want the Yanks to make the playoffs--I want to see it just once!" Don't get me wrong, anyone who says that can sleep on our futon whenever they're in the area. We'll even make them breakfast. Okay, we'll buy cereal and leave it out for them. Whatever, the point is, it's funny how the inspiration for not wanting them in is the fact that they're always in. Whereas for me, I can remember just dying when they got the wild card on the last day of the '95 season--and it'd been 14 years since they made the playoffs!

I should reflect on that era more. '82-'94. Age 7 to age 19 for me. No Yankee post-seasons. Sox made it three times. Weird to think that since then, there still hasn't been a Yankee-free October. So, yeah, let's keep 'em out! For all the reasons!

Some dude on EEI was pissed that Dustin Pedroia said "we're gonna shock the world." He's saying how all we did was what we "should have done," beating a bad team. Uhhhhh, hello, Mr. Media Man--wasn't it your kind who told us that we were all "panicking" and all that totally made-up shit? Did it ever occur to you that a rookie in Boston might think that everyone thinks the team is going to lose? Besides, sweeping any team in four-game series, scoring double-digits in each game--I'd say that goes beyond what we're "supposed to do."

So I was thinking about a Red Sox-Cubs World Series. Just in general. Do you think that if the Cubs won the World Series at Fenway Park, the fans would cheer? Honestly, do you know any Sox fans who wouldn't? Provided it's not some situation where we blow game seven in the ninth. I just mean if we're down three games and ten runs, wouldn't you just say, Hey, of course I rooted for the Red Sox, but if the Cubs hang on here, I'll cheer them? I totally would. If anyone somehow reads this as me not rooting for the Red Sox, read it again, I guess.

Why all these nominations for media people for president of Red Sox Nation? Isn't the point of it for a fan to win? It's a fan club, right? What would, say, Joe Castiglione do with the special suite at Fenway given to the winner? My money's on a regular fan. I'm pretty sure that was the intention of this thing....

Saturday night, I was watching The Life Aquatic with commentary, as I have been a huge fan of Wes Anderson since Bottle Rocket. Twelve hours later, one of that movie's stars, Owen Wilson, was rushed to the hospital after cutting himself and taking pills. He's okay, but that really saddened me. I thought of his brother Luke in Royal Tenenbaums attempting suicide to that Elliott Smith song. (Elliott himself committed suicide a few years later.) I hope Owen gets what he needs and gets back to enjoying life. A lot of you know him from the scores of mainstream films he's done since Bottle Rocket, but he'll always be Dignan to me. Get well (or whatever you say to a person who attempts suicide), Dignan.

In 2003 I was wishing for a Sox/Cubs world series. I'm all for it for 2007 - as long as the Sox win.
Pointless act!

I was at a game in Connecticut, not paying too much attention between innings when they starting announcing various scores. I heard "---8, ---0" and then wild applause.

I figured NY had the 8, since there're so many GD fans in CT. Until I found a link to this blog on Striketwo.net.

What a great night!
Christine Sixteen to Deuce in Detroit Rock City

That's awesome.
The weird thing is I was watching Behind Enemy Lines last night.
The "Moose mess" was sad....for Yankee fans. Maybe we'll see him in September, at Fenway, when they're in a thick battle with Seattle. Enjoy these games, Jere.
A Yankees-Free October:

Letterman alluded to that in June, when Roger signed his contract, where he can have October off;

This scenario will leave the FOX Commentators to have NOTHING to talk about.

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