Friday, August 31, 2007

Job A-Searchin'? Try A Headhunter!

[edits to this post: Terrible Joba has been suspended 2 games. And Wakefield is not starting tonight due to back issues. He'll miss a start, with Tavarez filling in.]

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Weird-lookin' abandoned structure, eh? Start zooming out until you figure out where it is.

So, I'm finally ready to talk rationally about what happened in the game yesterday. Terrible Joba, aka Joba the Slut, aka Slobba, aka baby head on Clemens' body, who gives Lincoln, Nebraska a bad name, by the way, was totally throwing at Youkilis. I don't even think Posada was calling for it. In fact, I'd guess the rest of the Yanks are pissed at the Terrible One. We're gonna be super-psyched to get revenge when they come to Fenway in a few weeks, so the last thing they wanted was to give us more motivation.

We'll see about the possible fine situation. What is it, two thousand bucks for not wearing the correct jersey top? I wonder what it is for throwing a ball 100 MPH at someone's head, risking their life?

And now more about the map at the top of the post. If you've ever driven up the FDR Drive on Manhattan's East Side, and looked out into the East River, you've seen an old, abandoned, castle-like building. It's on Roosevelt Island, just about opposite the United Nations. It's called Renwick Ruins, and was originally a smallpox hospital. It was a nurses' residence until the 1950s, when it was abandoned. Check it out, here's a pic I took of it from a moving car a while back:

Finally, check out this sweet prank.


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