Saturday, August 18, 2007

How Many Games Is Our Lead, Manny?

"This many."

Went to game one today, and it was sweet. Got lots of pics, many of which I still haven't looked at myself. Above, Manny with his headphones on. More about that game, and more pics, to come.

Tonight, we had friends come in from out of town. So I got to do the really rare thing of missing the entire game and then checking the score later. (You know you're having a great time when you don't even think about what's going on baseball-wise all night.) So I only just got the news that Eric Gagne once again pitched like Greg Gagne, ruining what should've been a sweep. And the Yanks won, so we're right back to 5. After the feeling we all had leaving game one, I would not have thought we'd be any less than 6 up right now. But 5 is better than 4. We're still gold. I'll be at Saturday night's game. Weaver spinnin' the wheel of fish against Schilling.

I listened to the 'EEI Feed with Castig & O'Brien, online:

It was apparent from Gagne's pitch count, that he was ineffective;

Gagne', once again, p----d the bed, again.
Love the pic and the title.

Glad you were having so much fun. Friends are good.
Thanks, L!

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