Friday, August 03, 2007

Great To See Ya, Tommy

George Steinbrenner, as we knew, ain't doin' so hot.

Sometimes you hear about really good people getting awful diseases and you think about how wrong it is, and how they don't deserve such a fate.

Other times, you hear about a convicted felon who ruined baseball having the same thing happen to them, and you think, "Yeah. That seems just about right."

And you know that all is right with the world.

I was actually a little surprised at first to hear the New York tabloids slamming George's appearance, as if he could control what happens to the face of an old, deteriorating man. Then I remembered the treatment the events surrounding Ted Williams' death got in the media.

ah, yes. this is another one I was going to point out to you (or rather, the other article that this one was based on) but I see you've caught it.
One sign that George Steinbrenner might have been losing it, was his being in Tampa, during the Mets Yankees '04 Series, when the Yankees got swept by the Mets at Shea Stadium:

That could've gotten Torre Fired;

Not a peep from George
All I hope is that he was well aware of what happened in October 2004.
Good point, redsock.

Also, that he knows of each wasted million-dollar start by Roger. Because of that money spent, one of his great-great grandchildren may have to work a day in his life.
Is it THE BRONX IS BURNING? Or is it George's mind? Sad, but true that I have to believe the latter. Hey Reb!
Steinbrenner may have been a bully and a massive jerk to far too many people over the years, but I can't agree with your sentiment on this, Jere. My aunt died of Altzheimer's a year ago, and I know how horrific her life was at the end. No one deserves such a fate.
My grandpa had Alzheimer's, too. But I think he'd support my never letting up on George. I didn't give the guy the disease, I'm just sayin', he got it. If I had to dole out the diseases, though, and if it were between him and some nice person, I'd give it to him.
I've lost count of how many times I've said this, but just because someone gets sick or dies, they don't automatically become good people.

I feel for Steinbrenner's family for what they are dealing with, as I've also lost someone close to me from the affects of alzheimer's. The fact that it's a terrible disease doesn't change the fact that GS is a terrible person.
My Gramp had Alzheimer's too. One thing we learned is that a factor in it rearing its ugly head is the occurance of a traumatic experience triggering its acceleration. It is a terrible disease. I wouldn't wish it even on Steindevil. But is it wrong of me to secretly hope that if he was going to suffer its sad effects anyway, that it was the Sox in 2004 that pushed him over the edge?

10 minutes til Sox. Have I mentioned I hate Safeco Field? =/
Also, you have to be able to laugh despite tragedy. I'm just helping George's family get through it.
Jere, what would George's family do without your laughs!
My Dad died from complications of Diabetes and Alzheimers....he didn't remember me at the end, or even NEAR the end. He had the vacant eyes that looked through me, and made me cry. He didn't know it. So, no matter what an egotistical and driven person George WAS, I can't wish this disease on anyone, and I'm puzzled and troubled that we're not near a cure, or even an elongating drug that will help.
On the lighter side, a great job by Daisuke, a little scary by Eric, and then there was Paps. PHEW!!
"I've lost count of how many times I've said this, but just because someone gets sick or dies, they don't automatically become good people."

Who here was claiming otherwise? Certainly not me. I simply pointed out that Steinbrenner's bullying behavior over the years doesn't mean that he 'deserved' this one does. Personally, I'd prefer the man retained his mental capacities for several more order to witness several more Sox championships.

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