Friday, August 03, 2007


The playoff schedule, in case you missed it.

Day off between game four and five of the ALCS and NLCS. They've also made it so there will be a day off after game four of the DS's, which now start later. And all this means game seven of the World Series would be on November 1st. Fox only has the ALCS (lucky us) and the World Series. The NLCS and all of the DS games will be on TBS/TNT.

Hard to believe there are only 54 games left (as my dad points out). And we're eight games up. I like the way that looks. We can't do that whole "we're tired from the trip so we're gonna shit the bed for the next few days" thing, though. At Seattle this weekend, then down to LA, then to Baltimore. Yanks home for KC, then they go to Toronto and Cleveland.

I'm glad for your Dad! And the Yanks play the last of the "cake" part of their schedule with KC. While the Sox, our Sox, go west, with a great and complete rotation and a 'pen that is the envy of most of the others out there. I is happy!
This is the Yankees last "Beat up on Bad teams weekend" and we did pretty good keeping them at bay! Yankee August schedule, including 7 with Gary and the Tigers (was that a rock band in the 60's?) should put more distance between us by Sept 1st!

Safe to say: 14 up by the 1st of Sept!

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