Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun Day!

Us: win. Them: loss. 7.5 up. We'll be 7 or 8 up going into The Bronx on Tuesday.

Win two of three in that series and we'll be 8 or 9 up afterwards. Then we play two series each against Balty, Tampa, and Toronto, with the final home Yankee series amongst those. Then it's Oakland and Minny at home to close the season. I'd say we're in good shape.

Kielty is doing great! And Tavarez with a strong showing today. That was the first time, in at least 50 years and possibly ever, that a team swept a four-game series while scoring at least 10 runs in each game. Amazing.

Phull Huggies took the loss for the Yanks today, while Jeter rode pine.

Dice against Pettitte Tuesday night.

Dice K Vs Roger's GF:

I'll be live Blogging from Fenway, Via my Phone, This Friday Night, Complete with, I hope, a "Happy Recap";


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