Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ejector Seat

The despicable Alex Rodriguez has been used as a dartboard by the Jays, fittingly, as retaliation for his horseshit move earlier in the season. Tonight, Clemens retaliated for the retaliation, and he and Torre were ejected. Oh, I'm sorry, I must've offended you, as 60 percent of you "like" Alex Rodriguez, and 90 percent of you would like to see him become the all-time home run king. At least according to this poll. Wake up, America. (Note to ESPN: terrible job not giving any other choices on that second question.)

Unfortunately, the Jays have been worrying more about that than winning. We need a win to stay six up on the puppy-assaulters. We're tied with the Angels 1-1 in the third.

I want him to be our third baseman next year. Did i just lose any respect you had for me?

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