Monday, August 06, 2007

Dunbar Update

Note: Updates below! (But don't even read them. The shitty Yanks end up with a shitty win.)

Yanks losing to the Jays 3-1 after five. Jays had second and third, no out in the fifth, and could only get one. Frustrating. Two guys struck out with a runner on third and less than two outs. These guys need to get the bat on the ball in that situation.

Update, 3:10 PM: What's that take, ten minutes? 4-3 Yanks. Stupid Blue Jays. What did I say? Can't be leaving runners on. Can't be swinging for the fucking fences with a guy on third when a lazy fly will get him home. They don't deserve to win this game. If they happen to win, I'll take it. But I'm not counting on those fools. Hope they play like shit when we play 'em, too. Now 5-3. Why don't you give the Yanks lovely parting gifts at the end of the game, too? Shake their hands, even bow down to them? Maybe the Rogers Centre could set off fireworks after the game, in honor of the American Yankee kings honoring them with their presence?

Update, 3:26 PM: Did you know the Yanks cut Mike Myers? And they didn't call up that Jojoba guy, instead going with Jim Brower, who just came into the game with two on, two out. Let's see if Reed Johnson can "solve" Jim Brower.... of course not. Line out. Still 5-3 Luck Dragons after 6.

Update, 3:50 PM: Note to Jays fans--realize that as soon as your team comes back or beats the Yanks tomorrow or whatever, I'll go right back to them (as with anyone else who plays the Yanks) being my second-favorite team. Nothing personal. But anyway, I'm still pissed at them, as they waste a leadoff single. A DP by Thomas ends the seventh. 5-3 Dirt-tasters. My least favorite thing about Gameday--it'll say "in play, out(s)." Then, while you're you're waiting for them to tell you exactly what happens, you inevitably think of the possibility of a double play, thanks to that "(s)". So it's agonizing, waiting, fully thinking of a DP in your mind. Then, there it is, and you wanna kill yourself for thinking DP, when it was THEM who suggested it. That's what just happened with Thomas.

Update, 3:55 PM: Ha! Yankee fans go through same ordeal, as Cano ends top 8 with a DP. Gotta score, Jays. Watch for Mariano for more than 3 outs here.

U, 4:00: On the other hand, the BEST thing about Gameday is when there's no one on base, and you see "in play, run (s)," because you know what that means. That's right, the ol' four-base error. Or, a home run, which is what Hill just hit. 5-4 now. Too bad they got Glaus before him, even though he had a 3-0 3-2 to Zaun....and he's out, two down in the eighth.

U, 4:09: Overbay walks, Stairs HBP. Two on, two out. They're stickin' with Vizcaino!

U, 4:13: Reed Johnson grounds softly to the pitcher. Come effing on. 5-4 NY, we go to the ninth.

U, 4:20: We go bottom 9. Rios, Wells, and Thomas against Mo. Let's do some "in play, run(s)"-ing! Rios goes down swining on three pitches, as if Mo was ten years younger. Don't be afraid, stupid Jays.... Wells staying alive---ahhh! They say "foul tip", and then all of a sudden they "ammend" that to "Wells strikes out on foul tip." Bastards. Somebody needs to fix Gameday. They're too busy with frills for us to get the basics, as is every other American company. Can we get a ball in play, Thomas? 2-2 now. Full count now. And he looks at strike three to end the game. Unbelievable. Yankee fans, you all deserve to see your team not win for a seventh consecutive season. They're shit. Absolute shit. Somebody's gotta step up and beat their sorry asses. If they play us, we'll know to make fucking contact with a man on third and two outs. How sad is it when you know a team has lost when they're up 3-1? It was guaranteed. You don't leave runners on like that. I said it at the time. The whole Blue Jays team should be fired. And then Vizcaino is hitting and walking you, begging you to take the game back, and you still don't do it. I want 9 new Jays out there tomorrow.


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