Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Devil Is Six Back

I think a good name for a debate hall would be "Divide and Concur."

Remember when Lugo screwed up Schilling's no-hitter? It was quite fitting that after Schill goes through all this rehabbing, he gets back, and the first batter he faces hits a ball to Lugo...who promptly lets it go by him. I don't feel bad about blaming everything that went wrong from that point on on Lugo. He's "Edgar 2: Electric Boogalugo." He's "Renteria: Havana Nights." Just like Edgar, he got here and literally forgot how to be anywhere near a good baseball player. And we have to watch O-Cab on the other side, to rub it in....

Manny didn't show up the ump. You can't eject a guy for walking away (not walking away from an argument, just walking away), no matter what he says about your mom. But these are same umps who, tonight, called a foul ball fair, and said strike three to Lowell didn't hit the dirt. (What did it bounce off of, Steinbrenner's wallet? Oh, right.) Oh, and let's not forget the play Manny was tossed on. He didn't swing, but umpy didn't even appeal, he just called him out.

When Schill reached up with his hand, I could tell problems were ahead. Then he had to cover on the non-DP, and he started the heavy-breathing. I almost always feel I can will us to do well, but in that case, you could see Schilling giving up the runs. And he did.

How many runners can we strand. Two on, one out, two innings in a row, no runs. Later, two on, NO out. We didn't even get a runner to third....

On the Ortiz ball, I was surpised they didn't intentionally walk him and pitch to Moss (they also could've done this in ninth)--and he hits this ball that deflects off a glove, and goes to O-Cab, who throws him out. Frustration city. Gotta give Moss credit for stepping in, and having to be up against Krod with 2 outs in the ninth with the tying runs on. Krod: No need to yell and scream in celebration toward whoever your god is. It was the guy's first game. Maybe act like you're supposed to come out on top in that spot. Besides, if there's a god, I guarantee you she was rooting for the rookie....

My whole life I've wondered this: Let's say it's a tie game, bottom of the ninth, runner on third, less than two outs. You're in the outfield. Fly ball to you. Why not purposely bat the ball up in the air, keep bobbling it while running in toward the infield? When you get close enough, make the catch, and the runner who had to wait on third until you fully caught the ball wouldn't try to score. You save the game. Legal? Answer: No. Tonight, Brandon Moss bobbled a fly ball in left. The runner left as soon as the Moss made contact with the ball. By the time he caught it, the runner was halfway home. The Sox appealed to third, but the ump said safe. Remy was right on it, telling us that as soon as contact is made, the runner can leave the base. I guess I should've known there's a rule against purposely bobbling the ball. But I didn't know that if you accidentally do it, the runner can just take off as soon as he thinks you made the catch, i.e. when it reaches/makes contact with the fielder. Makes sense. (They actually DID used to do my little theory. Joy of Sox says "I read that Sox RF Harry Hooper used to bat the ball in the air with his glove until he was near the infield, since the runner couldn't leave third until he actually caught it.")

Still, I have a feeling that one day, this will happen to the Yanks, and the umps will get the call wrong in that case, going in the Yanks' favor. And A-Rod will be involved.

You know what I'm worried about? Lugo in the postseason. The weird mental plane he lives on could cost us big if he goes and gets picked off in a Game 7 or something.

So, we're six up. Today wasn't as crazy as that recent mega-crazy day, but it was a frustrating one--and this time, both games went the wrong way. And many Yankee fans probably missed the day game because they were at work, and missed the late game because it was too late. While I suffer through both. That's the worst part--they look at the paper tomorrow, and my seven hours of agony, to them, is two seconds of "Oh, good, we gained a game. Yankees, baby!"

Let's not forget that we still have the best record. Yanks are gaining ground because they're playing nobody. They will have gone from July 9th to August 9th without playing a single team with a winning record. We've got the schedule advantage the rest of the way.

They keep showing this Papelbon moose hunt footage. Tonight, they showed him and the other dude using logs to fill a hole in the road so they can pass in their small-penis mobile. Now, don't get me wrong, what makes me sick, above anything about this, is the fact that they're out to kill innocent animals, and that it's celebrated. But, Jesus, should our closer really be lifting heavy logs in his spare time? Can we get Gagne to lift the freakin' logs for him, if he lifts logs two days in a row? This is the guy they baby because he has arm problems, remember? By the way, I now know that Yankee fans' "moose calls" are way off!

Finally, in poppy, dual-gender band news, we've got Mates of State in an AT&T commercial, and Imperial Teen in a Pizzeria Uno ad. ("It's the best that you did...") It took me a while, but I found out that's from their album "On," and it's called "First." I didn't get that album, but I had the first and second ones, and I liked them a lot. As a Faith No More fan, I had to get their stuff when they first came out, as this was the keyboard player's new project. Now they've got a new album coming out August 21st. I hate the fact that it will be a pizza ad that got me back into IT, but, whatever. I wouldn't put my song in an ad, but it's their call, and I still am a fan. And I've told you a little about Mates of State before. I'm sure they're ad money is going to the raising of their kid....

I too missed the day game, but I did see the Schill game...our hitters were shut down after Youk's tater, but the bizarre and weird was just starting. I think Curt did just fine against one of the best teams in the AL. Mayyyybe Tito should have let him sit after 6, but he hadn't even thrown 80 pitches at that point. So, to sum it up, we was outpitched, outhit, and out-umped. Seis a siete (six to seven...the lead...soon). Hey Jere....
Imagine ejecting Derek Jeter in The Toilet?

No one wants to risk another riot in THAT Zoo

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