Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Remember hearing about how Bill Buckner was still wearing his old Cubs batting glove during the '86 World Series? (Much like how Wily Mo Pena is still wearing his Cincinnati Reds "26" wristbands now.) Well, at least it was his own item. Check out Ellis Burks, above, circa '87, with a Bill Buckner wristband!

(Look closely at the Buckner pic in the linked article and you can see the same wristband on Buckner's wrist. I always thought those wristbands with your own face and signature were weird....)

He's got the same look on his face that he did in the hotel restaurant in Cleveland back in September '87 when I walked up to him and Sam Horn and asked them for autographs. Looked disgusted...I'm still shocked that he signed for me. Sam was somewhat more gracious. And then Jim Rice and his caddie Ed Romero walked in, and the fun really began.

Of course, little did I realize that Boggsy was unleashing the Delta Force several floors above us...

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