Thursday, August 16, 2007


I got up this morning, still hoping against hope that Buchholz would be called up to pitch game one tomorrow, as I'll be attending the game. Nope, still Beckett, with the game two starter undecided. But I kept willing it to happen. And a few hours later, word came in that Double-H is coming up, and is pitching game one. Solid gold. At least, for now. Things could change still.

I have good luck seeing major league or Fenway or Red Sox debuts. Abe Alvarez, Jon Lester, Dice, Hansack, uh....Kelly Shoppach. I'll have to make a complete list one day.

So, with Double-H coming up for game one, and Ellsbury then taking his spot for game two, where does this leave Wily Mo? DFA'd is where it leaves him. Maybe. I still haven't heard official word on this, though at least one site is linking to an article that says "could" and then turning that into "will be." Somebody's gotta go, and it'll probably be him. You know, the other day, I thought, Maybe they're not ready to give up on Wily Mo--maybe they've got some radical plan. This team (unlike me) is just so sure that he can be good, maybe they're gonna hold onto him at all costs. And I thought, If they keep him after all this, we're all gonna have to get behind the guy anyway, so we might as well jump on board. Then, the next morning, Wily Mo said "I want to be traded." And I was right back to where I started with the guy. So, whatever, get him out. Hopefully the bag of magic beans somebody gives us for him will be better then the beans he turned out to be.

This will be a nice test. All these other teams will have a chance to trade someone for him. He stunk as a Red and we traded an experienced pitcher for him. He stunk with us, and now we'll see if anyone will say, Sure, take this really good dude for him, we know Wily Mo will be great--we just have to suck it up and play the guy every single day. I just can't see any team giving us anything at all, let alone anyone good, to get Wily Mo. We will see what happens.

Oh, and apparently, if you donate money to charity, you can cheat at your job and get away with it.

Also, San Diego and some other new cities are now in "street view." I just started strolling around SD. Haven't seen cousin Kara yet, but I did find this right away. What kind of robots is that guy building? Update: Dog taking shit on lawn.

Hey, congrats on seeing bukoles! I'm going on saturday, so I woulda preferred it that day...but they will all be great games. I think schill on saturday...
works out perfect for me too. i have tix to the second game and want to see josh. though the buchholz would be cool too.
Re: Dog taking shit on lawn.

Good find! Very funny. Have you tried the Zoo yet?
"we traded an experienced pitcher for him."

...who is 5-13 w/a 4.7 ERA this year. I think Wily Mo has done us a lot less damage than Arroyo would have. I call it a draw.

And Wily Mo doesn't sing (well, technically, neither does Arroyo...)

Have a great day at the pahk!
Haven't tried the zoo yet!

ABout Arroyo--sorry, over two years, Bronson wins. This year, it's hard to look at Wily Mo's numbers and say ANYONE could've done less damage.

Doesn't matter much now, as they're both gone...
"sorry, over two years, Bronson wins."

No need to be "sorry" for your opinion, but we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I was glad to see Arroyo go, and haven't looked back since. IMO he wouldn't've helped anymore last year, (when Wily Mo hit .300 and with power covering for the injured Crisp and Nixon, which people forget) and would have been an enormous liability this year.

Like you said, though, both are gone now. I was and will remain a WMP fan and will follow him from afar, hoping that he can someday live up to all that potential...

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