Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Crazy Day

We come all the way back from a 6-0 defecit to make it 6-5. Man on second, none out. Pedroia up with Youk and Papi behind him. You bunt. Right? Definitely, you bunt. Bunt. B-U-N-T. Only option. Would make it man on third, one out, sac fly ties it. Again, with Youk and Papi coming up. Pedroia does bunt the first pitch, but it goes foul.

And then they take off the bunt! That was the moment it was determined we deserved to lose. You have to bunt in that situation. End of story. We're trying to win the World Seires, right? Or are we shooting for worst team in baseball? It doesn't seem clear to me.

And during all this, I'm having DOUBLE heart attacks, as the effin' Orioles have a 3-0 lead with tow outs in the ninth, and that psychopathic ghoul, Shelley Duncan, hits a game-tying homer.

Fortunately, the O's get three MORE in the 10th, off the great Mariano. As I type, they're one out away from the win, with A-Rod up.


Here's the Joy of Sox comment thread where you can see how everything happened at once.

A-Rod singles, two out, one on for Mat-screwy. What another crazy day. Both teams looked dead, then it looked like the Yanks would gain on us. Then it looked like both would pull one out of their asses against bad teams. And now--RIGHT NOW--Matsui ends it, Yanks LOSE!--it turns out both teams lost, but gave their fans crazy hope, only to disappoint. You know my take on this--because Yankee fans had to go through that, I'll take it! (Bonus, they were TIED with a chance to win, AND had Mo on the mound. Great day.) 5 games up.

If not for the "Gagme Factor" in Baltimore and yesterday's botched "no outs, man on second and a loss in the end". This team should be 8 games up this morning, but in the "Red Sox Way". They let the enemy stay on their tail.

What's the saying "Keep your friends close, but Keep your enemies closer"? No, No that's not the case here. I want those F**kers as far away from me as possible!!!!!!!!!

This team has no "killer instinct".

All the way back from the June series when this Red Sox team was up 14 games, with the Yankees coming to town and taking 2 of 3 from the Sox. They could have had a 17 game lead!

No killer instinct. I love them and all more than life itself, but I'm not sure they have what it takes to go all the way. Just by looking at yesterday's game.

Dice-K is becoming the #2 that I didn't think we would see from him. He's been very wishy-washy and always seems to be in some kind of mess!

Losing to that Devil Dog pitcher yesterday at 1-8 is the most embarrasing thing that has happened this year to date. The Yankees can kill this team, but we barely squeak by in 2 games against them (one for us and then one against). JD Drew has been the biggest disappointment and should be sat down for the rest of the year. Let Bobby Kelty or Ellsbury come up and do the job.

Not only is this team "not your father's team", but lately they're not even playing like their "your" team.

If Joe Torre didn't abuse Mariano like he did again yesterday the Yankees would be 4 games out of first place and have a major sway on they're side going into playing the "not-so-good-lately" Tigers this weekend.

If the Red Sox do not take 3 out of 4 this weekend against the second best team in baseball (by record): The Angels,. Then this team does not deserve anything in October and I won't feel bad when the Yankees over take first place! I won't feel bad for any of them at all. because they obviously don't care, then why should I?

LET'S GO TEAM! Start playing like you have the best record in all of Major League Baseball!!!!!!!!

If you need me to read this to the troups in the locker room, just call me in. I'll be over on the on-deck circle shoving pine-tar up my as*!

I may be a Red Sox Yahoo, but I'm also a realist! Not a dreamer. Just tell it like it is. Just the facts Ma'am!

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