Saturday, August 04, 2007

Aaron Tied, Ahmad Of Bad News Bears Sad

Bonds hits number 755. If there is to be an assassin, he's probably just rolling out of bed now, about to head out to the ballpark. After a coffee run. You know, because he's San Diegan. And they're all laid back and stuff. "Is Barry Bonds here? I'm here to assassinate him." "Sorry, son, Barry's gone home, the game ended an hour ago." "That's cool. Whatevs."

Someone else reached a milestone today. The guy who's so selfish, he'll "swing up" to try to get a homer, risking his own team's fate, just to try to reach a milestone that really only exists in this base-10 society we live in. (Proof--all the fly balls he's been hitting, and the virtual pop-up home run for number 500. Have you ever seen him hit a homer that looked like that one before? And the fact that he was celebrating like he'd just won the World Series (would've been his first) on a home run in the first inning.) And I think he's still standing at home plate, looking at the ball, like some kind of...San Diegan assassin. If Manny acts anything like this on his 500th, you'll hear about it. But, still, seriously, how sweet is it that Barry ends up getting 755 a few hours after the A-Rod bloop-dong? And if A-Rod's 500th isn't forgotten about by Monday, it will be when Bonds hits number 756. He just can't win, that Alex. And that's the way it should be.

Last night I missed the first half of the game, tuning in just in time for Timlin's wacky, mistake-filled inning. One rule-related thing, which NESN made no mention of, at least at the time: The Lugo unassisted double play. Bases loaded, one out. Line drive, short-hopped by Lugo at short. He runs over toward second. He touches the bag, and also tags Ichiro, who had been on second, and who has come off the bag, looking unsure of what to do.

Now, had Lugo touched the bag first, that forces out the runner from first, but it cancels the force at third. So if Ichiro had stayed on the bag, and had Lugo touched the bag before tagging Ichiro, Ichiro would've been safe, remaining on second, while the runners at home and first would've also been safe.

What Lugo should've done, just in case, would be to tag the runner first. (He'd be out even if he's standing on his original base, as the force is still in effect.) Then step on second to force the runner coming from first, to complete the double play.

Honestly, I don't remember which Lugo did first, but it didn't matter since Ichiro came off the bag. He's out as soon as he's tagged in that case, and the force at second stays on regardless, so Lugo's able to get that out, too, by stepping on the bag.

I'd think NESN would've mentioned something about this.

We currently lead 2-1 over Seattle in the 6th. Yanks have won today, despite giving up eight runs to KC, so we need a win to stay 7 up.

Call me a cynic, but I have a feeling that Manny's 500th homer ball will make it to Cooperstown before he ever leaves the batter's box...

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