Monday, August 06, 2007


You don't have to be a die-hard know about the hat the Sox wore at times during the '74 season--blue with the red panel on the front. (middle hat here)

But I swear I've never seen a pic of it actually being worn. Until now:

This is the '75 yearbook, featuring pics from '74. You can see the hat on everybody, with the blue sides especially visible on Fisk. Also, in the action shots, you can see how there are no stripes on the stirrups, as is also noted in the Uni database linked above. This isn't the uni-related mystery I was talking about earlier--I'm still working on that. This is just an aside.

But here's another one for you. Sent in by reader pweezil:

"...noticed that when Jose Lopez pinch hit for Broussard on Sunday, that he was the third batter in a row with the first name Jose. He followed Vidro and Guillen."

I'll probably try to figure out if this is the first time three people with the same first name batted in a row. Or if it ever happened with four....or if three or more same-last-names batted in a row. But if anyone else wants to look it up, too, let me know what you come up with.

I own one of those 1975 yearbooks from my first trip to Fenway in August, '75.

I always kinda liked the red-front-panel caps for some reason. I wonder if there's any way to actually find out how many times they actually wore them in '74? Probably not, but I get the sense it was pretty infrequent...aside from that yearbook you never see any old pictures of the team wearing them. And I had no idea they wore solid red stirrups with them...
You could ask Jayson Stark. Those are the kinds of weird factoids he loves. If he can't look it up himself, he'll know who can put their finger on it right away.
ONE DOLLAR!!! My, times have changed since the summer of JAWS. And that's what I will always call the summer of '75....forever. Why? Because it was, enveloping the whole darn world. AND I LOVED IT!
Looks like the Alou brothers batted consecutively on Sept. 22, 1963 for the San Francisco Giants. And there were 3 players named Brown who batted 1,2,3 for the Pirates on Sept. 29, 1999.
Nice. I was looking some players up last night--Bobby Murcer, Billy Williams. Common name guys. But wasn't coming up with much. I really wanna find a four-in-a-row. First or last name.

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