Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wily Gust Mo

Update: Sox win easily. And Yankee announcer Joe Girardi's kid is a Red Sox fan! And Coco's my player of the game for his hit that gave us the 4-1 lead, and for coming through repeatedly with the bases loaded. (I almost gave it to Lowell for not arguing after he was called out at home despite the catcher hardly even making an attempt to tag him, let alone actually touching anything with his glove.)

"No Dice" gave up two homers in two innings, then was in a bases loaded, one out situation in the third. And got a lineout double play. Stupid Rays should of put it away right there. Instead, they go on to give up the next seven runs. With a 7-3 lead in the ninth, you knew Torre would chicken out and go to Mo. He did, and Mo gave up a hit and hit a guy, bringing the tying run up with two outs. But Johnny Gomes watched strike three. They play again tonight.

Incredibly, Wily Mo is still on our team. If he must play with Papi out, why don't they just put him in as the DH, to keep him out of the field? Especially since we've got the person who plays Fenway's left field better than anyone else on our team. Instead, we put Manny at DH, and put one of the worst fielders in the league in left. And immediately, Wily Mo misses a ball hit right to him, and the run eventually scores. (Was called an error, but was changed, inexplicably, to a double.) Then with two on, one out in the bottom of the inning, Pena hits into a double play. Terrible job. Just let the guy go already. Meanwhile, Bronson's given up 3 or less runs in 6 of his last 7 starts. And has hit as many homers as Wily Mo has since May 20th. I know, Wily Mo needs to play in the majors every day to be good--me, too! If they'd only just assume I was really good and play me! Every single day! Only then would they see what a great major league star I am. Oh, but I can't play the outfield, so they could just hope no balls are hit to me.

2-1 us in the fifth. Good job by Gabbo cubed so far.

Dont'cha almost hate it that WMP can come into an IMPORTANT game and look like a fool in the field AND at the plate? K-Sunshine was spectacular. Schill was great too...we'll see him on the club by the 31st. But....but...but that means one more start for Tavy? It would be like giving up a game! OH well......Wakes is due...but if he becomes a batting practice pitcher for these woeful White Sox, words.
See you Jere...I was going to say take care, but then I remembered! Hi to Mom.

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