Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Red Sox hitting over the last four games: 40 hits, seven walks. We're, losing three of those games.

Yankees pitching over the last four games: 48 hits, 17 walks. They're shitting the...opposite of bed, winning all four.

Absolutely unbe-fucking-lievable.

So that puts them within seven games of us. But if anybody tries to tell you they're some great, surging team, don't buy it. I'm not worried. Not about those wart-sniffers.

Bill Parcells is fond of saying, you are exactly what your record says you are.

Right now, based on that principle (which I subscribe to, unfortunately) the Yankees ARE a surging team, the Red Sox are a floundering team, and it all makes me want to set my hair on fire.
I don't know--if the Yanks had all their triple A players starting, and their opponents forfeited 4 games in a row (which they essentially have!), they'd still get 4 wins, but I wouldn't say that says they're doing well. I want to set my hair on fire, too, but I'm still not worried about them--they're well on their way to a seventh consecutive non-World Championship season.
Yeah, but it's not them not winning the championship that's worrying me, because I agree they don't probably have the horses that far. What I'm worried about is their ability to keep the Red Sox from doing the same.
Dice-K, Becks & Gabby get this thing headed back in the right direction the next 3 games!

No worries at all!
I have PLENTY of hair...don't waste yours! And yeah, things suck right now.

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