Monday, July 09, 2007

Tavarez Mania/First Half Mini-Update

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The first "half" is over. While this Tigers series was frustrating, I'm very happy with where the Sox are right now. It's so funny to hear people on sports radio saying, "If it weren't for this and this and this...." Yeah? Then what? We'd be 20 games up instead of 10? What more do you want out of these guys? I take all the bad things (yes, I am guilty of complaining about stuff....) and say, We're 10 up despite that.

We've got six guys going to the All-Star Game. Granted, we've got some guys who'd be voted into the Terrible Job Game if it existed. But the good is clearly outweighing the bad, with only one direction for the bad to go. My prediction for the second half? Awesomeness.

There is no break here at RSF/PT. I'll be spewing out useful and useless facts and opinion at the normal rate. And I'm sure I'll mention Freddy Lynn at least once in these next three days. Also, there may be some surprises. But there's always the chance for those.

We're RSN, Jere-we wouldn't know what to do if we weren't bitching about something!!!!

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