Monday, July 02, 2007

Still With The Big Lead And Stuff

The Sox had a bad weekend. I may have unknowingly sapped some of their goodness and turned it into a really good weekend for myself. (Pics to come.) Sorry. But they came back strong tonight. Gabbo did well, as Tito thought he would despite his more-than-shaky outing last time. The homer came with two on, making things seem worse than they were, and fortunately we put runs on the board for him.

Ellsbury is up now, and tonight he made about the best impression a player could ever make on me. You know how many times I've watched a player on second go to third on a *really* wild pitch, and yelled at him to "just keep going"? Tonight, Ellsbury, according to Castiglione--I still haven't seen it, saw one get way away from the catcher, and sprinted from second to home without breaking stride. He is definitely getting my player of the game award. If he scores from second on a sac fly, I'll name my first born Jacoby. Okay, maybe Gedman Jacoby.

We didn't lose any ground in the division despite our bed-shitting Saturday and Sunday. So with tonight's win, we're still 11 up on the Yanks, and at least 10.5 on Toronto.

Loved that Pettitte outing the other day. Remember, that was his start after the one where he claimed to have quit on his team. Nice recovery, guy....

This paragraph about Julio Lugo was left blank intentionally.

I like "Marty Reed" or "Marty Jody".

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