Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Serling Performance

That's right, Lugo gets the JPotG award for actually getting a hit, and one that knocked in two key runs.

Dice, as Terry "Mr. Special" Francona says, is one special pitcher. Another great job by him tonight.

I was thinking about that Ellsbury play, and I came across a few other examples of a runner scoring from second on a wild pitch, often with a runner on third scoring on the same play. But I remember it happening from an old blooper tape I have. The play happened at Fenway Park. A visiting pitcher threw a pitch way over the batter's head. You actually saw the center field camera zoom out, and there was the ball, rolling up the screen behind the plate, as the runner came home from third. As the ball slowly rolled back down, another runner sprinted across the plate. I can't remember if Dwight Evans was the batter or one of the runners, but he definitely was involved. In fact, Remy mentioned this play within the last week or so on a telecast. I thought it was a Mariners pitcher. But I checked all the wild pitches the M's threw against us from '77-'86, and none seemed to be the one I remembered. (I'd guess it was '83-ish, but I'm not sure.) My second choice was the Angels, but I couldn't find anything there, either. I wish I'd paid closer attention to Remy, as I think he actually said the pitcher's name.....

If anyone knows what game this was, let me know. Or keep it to yourself if you hate me, I guess. In my research, I did find an interesting thing in a game--a guy reaching on catcher's interference twice. (Rick Miller broke his thumb in this game, too.)

Vote for Okajima for the final All-Star spot. He deserves it. You can vote over and over and over, I've discovered. I may have single-handedly moved him into first. Let's keep him there, eh?

Bonus Twilight Zone Marathon today and tomorrow on SciFi. Nice job. A fitting time for Lugo to get hits.

Jere, I think I remember that play and, if memory serves, it was a game against Texas. Can't say I remember the year. Hope it helps, and, of course, hope I am right!
I do totally remember that wild pitch, I was watching that game when it happened...was the pitcher Lenny something? I'll have to do some research and get back to you.
I'm all for Twilight Zone marathons but a little bummed that it is airing in place of my favorite show, Ghost Hunters. :)
Rtas. I can't find it but my mind is saying Len Barker.
I thought Barker when you said Lenny, too. I'll check into that, thanks. I love the highlight from his perfect game with the flashing "Perfect Game" on the screen, with those old school graphics.

Kara: I've actually been watching Destination Truth quite a bit on there. I should try GH, too.

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