Monday, July 30, 2007

Saturday Pics From Tampa/RIP Tom Snyder

Dawn from Thoughts from along the Broken Road was at the Trop Saturday night, and was kind enough to share some photos with us. Thank you, Dawn! The above shot was taken in the 12th, with the Sox on the verge of breaking through for the win. Click these to enlarge.

As you can see, she had some killer seats.

It was Hippie Night, or whatever you wanna call it, at the Trop. I don't know whose scoreboard pic was the funniest, but this one's pretty good.

I love this shot. The kid going for the autograph.

Great view of hitters. Here's the now not-that-bad again Julio Lugo.

A couple of Lester shots.

Varitek hitting. For some reason, I feel like I never see his left-handed stance from this exact side angle.

Wally rival Raymond in a bottle-race accident, and silly-stringing a Sox fan kid.

Dawn took a lot more photos, and says she may post more at her blog, so check that out.

In the meantime, ARSFFPT or whatever I'm called would like to send out best wishes to the friends and family of Tom Snyder, who died yesterday at 71. We all know the Dan Aykroyd impression, which was great, but I really got to know "TS" in 1995, when he started doing "The Late, Late Show," which still follows Letterman's show today. (Creggers and the Scottish dude have hosted since Tom left.) His show aired from '95-'98, which was a fun time in my life. I was out of college (which doesn't necessarily mean I finished college), and back at home for that entire stretch. It was a lot of hangin' out with Gumby and Chan until all hours of the morning. (We hung out with an entire crew, who I'm still friends with, but it was just us three left standing by the time Snyder's show came on.) We'd watch Tom almost every weeknight, and we kind of felt silly at first, like, "I think this show is for, uh, olllld people." But we quickly realized ol' Tom was just as hip as anybody 40 years his junior. His interviews were really fun, and the show was absolutely frill-less. Just two people talking. Timeless, I guess. Of course, occasionally Tom would go off on his own tangents, suddenly turning an interview with a young actor into a soliloquy on the cigarette billboards of St. Louis in 1952.

I raise a webtini to you, Tom.


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