Thursday, July 05, 2007

Same Old Squared

Sometimes, a player, often in Yankee Stadium, often named Jeter, will make a play, and the umpire will give them a free out just because he wants to. It's almost like he's rooting for the play to be made, and he knows he can complete the play by making that out call, regardless of whether the runner is safe or out.

I now what you're saying: Classic Jere, right? The Yanks cheat to win and the umps root for them, etc, etc.

Well, let's see what former Yankee and Seinfeld star Paul O'Neill thinks about this play from today's game:

That ended the Twins inning, and the Yanks came back with five in the next inning to take a 5-2 lead. This is the crap that I've put up with for 30 years. Fortunately, this year, I've been able to pretty much not worry about it, and also, they're totally 12 games back. Like my girlfriend says about them: "Let the babies have their bottles."

Update: Before GooTube could even process this video, No Dice has already given back the runs. 5-5 in the fourth. Nice job, Twins. Although Torii Hunter's playing like he's also rooting for the Yanks....


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