Monday, July 23, 2007


Did you hear about the first base coach who was killed by a line drive in a minor league game last night? It was Mike Coolbaugh, who played briefly in the majors. His brother Scott played in the late-80s, early-90s. I had his card. Please be careful if you have box seats near home plate at baseball games. Especially if you're bringing kids with you. Yesterday proved that line drives can be fatal. And that was a guy paying full attention who was farther from the plate than some seats are.

Speaking of first base coaches, tonight it's the battle of teams whose first base coaches are named Luis and played middle infield for the Red Sox. Alicea vs. Rivera. Alicea played briefly with Scott Coolbaugh, even appearing back to back in the starting lineup in this game in 1994, exactly 13 years before Mike's death.

So sad! Imagine being the guy who hit the line drive? That must suck... to do something completely normal and innocent that causes someone else to die. Very Owen Meany.

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