Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Royal Gedman Card

As a Gedman collector, my holy (-ish) grail, card-wise, is his 1981 TCMA Pawtucket card. This card, by itself, though rare, isn't worth a lot of money. Maybe a few bucks. So you'd think I'd be able to get it, considering I'd gladly give up more than that to get it.

But the cruel joke is that Wade Boggs was on that same Pawtucket team. His mustachioed mug drives the price of the team set way up. And that's how the cards are usually sold, as a set.

I thought I had it a few weeks ago on ebay, but the price went way up in the final minutes. Stupid Boggs, screwing me over since at least the late 80s. (If he sees this, it'll kill him that the date I wrote about him was 7-18. Ha! 80s Sox fans should get that one.)

Finally, I came across, which, through card shops all over the place, sells just about any baseball card you can think of. (At least for Gedman, as he's the only guy I searched.) I was able to score the '81 Pawtucket card pretty cheap, as well as some other Geddy's that had been eluding me. They just arrived today. Sweet. Rich actually had a crustache while on the PawSox.

Sox trail KC, 2-0. We better not lose a series to the Royals. Update: We took the lead right back, then Tavarez gave it right back again. Down 6-5 now. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays are trying to make me injure myself. They lead 1-0 in the seventh. Fine. But they've had 10 hits, 2 walks, and a HBP. It's almost impossible not to have more than a run home with that many players reaching base. I'm at the point now where it's like, just bring in Accardo, balk in some runs and get it over with.

I should read your blog more frequently.

I have the entire PawSox collection from 1981.

Aponte, Barrett, Boggs, Bowen, Dorsey, Finch, Gedman, Graham, Howard, Hurst, Koza, LaFrancois, Laribee, MacWhorter, Ojeda, Ongarato, Parks, Remmerswaal, Sarmiento, Smithson, Valdez, Walker.

I don't remember what I paid for them back in the 80s but I'm sure it's not as much as someone would buy them for nowadays, particularly someone closer to home, so to speak (I'm a West Coaster).

I'm one of the original contributors to The Buffalo Head Society: A Red Sox Journal, which was in print and online for many years at If you check the "Life In The Minors" link, then "PawSox of the Past", you can see my collection.

If you know anyone else who's interested, and would want this set for a reasonable price, let me know.

Karen Johnson
Yes, I know you. I read your whole Gedman history and how you knew him, and we talked by email (my addres is Two2067 at aol) about how you took the page down because someone made fun of you for it. I still say you should put it back. Or send me the original copy since I have no way of seeing it now:(
These are not the Royals you are familiar with. Since June 1st a 21-18 record. BTW the Red sox in that span is 20-21. Wake up Boston! I have to say I do like the Red Sox. Would love to go to a game at Fenway sometime. But the Royals are have improved especially there pitching. Still need a major power hitter but we are improving no doubt about it.
Actually, the Royals I'm familiar with are Brett, Willie Wilson and Aikens, Seitzer, Frank White, Jon Wathan, Saberhagen, Leibrandt, the Quiz, etc. But yeah, good to see them improving a little bit. You should come to Fenway, it rules. I loved Kaufman Stadium when I went in '93, the way it's kind of sunken into the ground. I saw Jose Lind spraying Tony Pena over the wall with a hose.
Also, I snapped a lot of shots of Royals BP. If you like a certain dude, let me know and I'll see if I have any good shots of him or whatever..

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