Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rme Dgo At Teh Door

Back when I did this post about my 2005 trip to Cleveland, I had no way of getting video onto the web (that I could figure out, anyway). So I was doing a lot of filming, followed by posting still shots (which, as I recall, was incredibly exciting at the time).

With the recent popularity of Jhonny Peralta's dog over at Joy of Sox's glossary (scroll down to the "Ococ" entry), I thought I'd go back and find the original video that my still shot was from, so you can all see the famous pup come to life. But before I get to that, you may also remember my story about Remy and Orsillo, and the trouble they had getting into Jacobs Field that same day. I've just re-watched that video, and boy is it hi-larious. I've added some appropriate music. Here you go:

That's the Smiley Lewis of "I Hear You Knockin'." The song was the perfect length for my video, too. The one cut in the video was me stopping the camera, waiting--who knows how long--, and then starting it up again. I honestly can't remember how long they waited. But even with the cut, it was a good couple of minutes (of hilarity).

And now, the original intention of this post, the very, very brief footage I got of Jhonny Peralta's "dgo." Brak brak forever!

The Remy and Orsillo video is HILARIOUS!
Jere's Mom here:
I love your musical background choice for the Remy-Orsillo security moment. An alternative might have been that rock classic, "Let Me In, Whee-ooh," though the lyrics wouldn't have fit nearly as well as what you've got.
That Manny had no pull was really remarkable--the perfect denoument.
Thanks Amy and L-girl. Mom, I don't think he really tried that hard anyway.... but, yeah, you'd think he could say "These guys are okay."
"Brak Brak" has its own entry.

You need your own glossary, Jere.


I have a feeling Manny probably said with a chuckle: "Sorry guys, wish I could help you out! Heh heh!"
I have a brief one, in the second-most recent "About this Blog" entry. But it's only a few entries long. I should do a full one. I was going to recap all my nicknames for Dirtdog, from back when I used to make fun of him every day....
Mom again.
I think Manny knew that the security guy was too low-level to deal with and told Jerry and Don he'd go get someone to help them. Why don't you email Jerry and ask him?

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