Friday, July 06, 2007

Monkey Muscle

This game stinks. I rarely have a "bad feeling" about a game going in, but for some reason I imagined the Tiger hitters not quite fearing Julian Tavarez. Yanks 9-9 with Angles in the 6th. [Update: Yanks win, 14-9, but Pettitte bittitte again. He's now given up 23 ER in his last 20 innings.] Now on to other things....

Like any self-respecting child of the 80s, whenever I hear "The Nutcracker Suite," my mind, and often my mouth depending on who's around, sings

Smurf Berry Crunch is fun to eat/a smurfy, fruity breakfast treat.

For some reason, it took me this long to search for this old commercial on GooTube. Here it is, first up in this set of ads. I always get stuck after the line "made by Smurfs so happily." After seeing this again, I still don't know what they're saying in that next line--or any subsequent line. (I think Adam Sandler copped one of those Smurf voices for the Cluckin' Chicken commercial parody.)

I also totally remember those bumpers before and after the commercials. And since they mention "Saturday Supercade" at the end, I'll link to that theme, too--one of the greatest ever. This shows the opening and closing themes, plus the individual themes of four of the video game-themed cartoons that made up the show: DK, DK Jr., Frogger, and Q-Bert. (No Pitfall shown.) Interesting how the directors are someone named Kimbal, and Charles Nichols. Fugitive fans should get that. (As well as my "you switched the samples!" reference from a few days ago.)

Some thoughts on the baseball game in the Donkey Kong theme: 1. The game appears to take place in a city park. 2. Terrible job by DK on his delivery. He steps with the wrong foot. However, he gets enough momentum from that arm-spinning to get the ball to the plate with speed and accuracy. 3. The hitter, who has a hole in the sweet spot of his bat, is wearing a jump suit-style road-gray uniform, which zips all the way down to the crotch. He appears to be happy about swinging and missing (or having the ball go through the hole). Maybe this is because he knows he's successfully distracted the catcher from the runner going to third with the pitch. I only assume this because the third baseman is playing on the bag. 4. The Kong squad has some interesting unis, with the orange hats and shorts, with white ringer tee. 5. The infield stands are packed, but they didn't seem to sell any of the outfield seats.

OK here's my transcription of the Smurf Berry Crunch commercial. I am a medical transcriber by trade and I think this is correct.

Smurf berry crunch is fun to eat
A Smurfy fruity breakfast treat
Made by smurfs so happily
It tastes like crunchy Smurf Berries
It's berry shaped and crispy too
In berry red and Smurfy blue

Have a Smurfy day! Now I have to explain to my wife why I was watching a Smurf commercial half a dozen times this morning.
Thanks! That last line I'm still a little unsure of, but unless I can come up with something else, I'm goin' with yours....

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