Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lower Case Punishment

I don't believe in the death penalty. Except for pitchers who balk in the tying run in the ninth inning. Accardo did that against the Yanks tonight, who went on to beat the Jays in extra innings, capping off a triple crown of the Yank-iest kind of cheap-ass victories over the past three days. Look at this recap of the tenth from an article about the game: "Janssen started the 10th by hitting Alex Rodriguez with a pitch. A-Rod moved up on a wild pitch and scored when Cano looped his hit to left." That's, again, after they got to the tenth because the tying run was balked in in the ninth. So don't try to tell me the Yanks are "surging," or anything else that doesn't mean "winning because their opponents are absolutely shitting the bed to the point where they're literally tripping over the rubber." Once again, I can't wait til Yankee Stadium is torn down so these teams don't turn into drooling toddlers when they go to play the Yanks.

Meanwhile, we get killed by the Royals. It all couldn't ruin the awesome time my girlfriend and I had with my parents and cousins up in New Hampshire. The record for running long jump in age group 30-35 in southeast New Hampshire currently stands at 11.5 feet. Beat that.

Oh, here's a pic I forgot to post--that anti-gun ad behind the Green Monster on the Pike:
Forgot to do a player of the game for the last two wins. I'll get to it.

Bonus news (via Joy of Sox): Leskanic back! (scroll to bottom) Sweet! One of the all-time classic Sox.

I lost power all night last night, so I dragged my battery powered radio in to pass the time, and I was sickened by the end of the Yank's game. By then, Timmy was pummeled and in the shower.
The power came back at 5:38am, the only good thing of the whole July far. I'm sure things will only get better, or as John Lennon would say, right now, if he could " can't get no worse." Regards! Peter

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