Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just As Close

Great call by McCarty after the game. After Pedroia nearly got hit in the head, he should've expected a pitch away. ("...but watch out for 'in your ear'.") Instead, since he was all pissed, he tried to pull the outside pitch, and did, grounding out instead of going to right field with it.

Man, a 1-0 loss is frustrating, but even more so when you have a runner thrown out at home by a foot who would've been safe had he not slowed down between third and home because he didn't know the throw was coming home.

I think Coco saw the fielder do that little pump fake, and figured he'd decided not to throw home. Or something. Really a shame considering the job Beckett did.

TJ on the missed sign, with Tek on first. There was another play recently where Tek was up and someone missed a sign and it also cost us. Not his fault necessarily, but we gotta work on those signs. In the inning that happened in tonight, we had that miscue costing us an out, and then Lugo got thrown out. So that's two baserunners out on the basepaths in the eighth, meaning we should have, at the very least, had Manny and Youk get a chance in the ninth.

Good to see Lowell and Lugo get the night off. That four-month offseason, the built-in off days, and the three-day All Star break that happened two weeks ago ARE NOT ENOUGH! Hey, maybe if we rest the whole team the rest of this decade, we can win it all in 2010!

Meanwhile, the Royals continue to shit the bed against the Yanks.

I predict a huge trade at the deadline for someone. Why? Because everyone's saying with certainty that there won't be one.

Almost had a 1979 Bristol Red Sox autographed ball, featuring Gedman. But the price went too high. This isn't ebay, this is Hunt Auctions. They had a 1,000-lot auction that went down tonight. I got nothing. Everything else I wanted also went too high.

Some stuff about the preview for the latest "Bronx is Burning" episode (which I watched that night while NESN went out--review: "Eh," as usual).

They got the top of the Fenway bleachers right. That high green wall and that auxiliary scoreboard, which I think was still there in '78. A lot of this series takes place at Fenway. It's funny how they just paint stuff in Fenway green to imply Fenway, for the clubhouse, dugout, etc.

Not such a good job with this one. Clearly Fenway today, with the glass-enclosed areas on the roof. And that crowd--terrible job! I like how they did those little cut-outs in the 2-D crowd for the aisles. Ridiculous.

Do I need to tell you what's wrong with this shot? So, basically, I've seen much of parts one and three, with no plans of watching four through eight, unless NESN goes black again.

"Good to see Lowell and Lugo get the night off."

Drives me out of my effin' mind. Your top RBI guy and the one with the hottest bat sit against a 12 game winner. Since when does Lowell suck against right handed pitching? And then WHY don't you pinch hit for Hinske late in the game??? WHY????

It doesn't matter how well rested these guys are in October if all they're doing is sitting on the sofa.

I agree with you. I think after consistent losing because of failure to get the big hit when needed, coupled with getting burned last year, a big trade is inevitable.
We run, NOT waltz toward Home, Mr Crisp:

Turturro, in Real Life, grew up in Queens, a Mets Fan
Coco thought he was forgotten, or invisible. Josh was amazing and we NEED to win tonight before the sanctuary of Tampa Bay. And THE BRONX IS BURNING? I've enjoyed it! Maybe because it's in wonderful Hi-Def, and then joltingly vintage 1970s video.
Mindless well Jere.
Jere's Mom here.
Your's is the only explanation I've seen so far as to why Coco put on the breaks 10 feet from home plate. And did you hear Remy taking a fit that Manny wasn't screaming for Coco to run which, of course, is his job as man on deck?
Sheesh, that was a tough one.
Still, we've got the best record in baseball which counts for a lot. (Understatement.)
BSB: Right, when Terry heard "Fausto Carmona is good against righties," he should've just thought, "That's 'cuz he hasn't faced us yet." Instead it's panic time. "Get all the righties out of the lineup." And then we lose by, what, an eighth of a run? We could've won if our whole lineup was in there.

And yeah, Manny should be telling him to slide, but maybe he thought he was gonna slide, as it looked like he was sprinting home until the last second, he gives up! Really weird play. Plus, something had to make him think to himself "there will be no throw." If you're not sure, you keep sprinting!

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