Sunday, July 29, 2007

"If The Good Lord Had Intended Us To Walk...

...he wouldn't have invented roller skates."

After we left 'em loaded in the second, and left two on in the third, despite the 3-0 lead, I thought, We don't deserve to win this game. Then my girlfriend and I went to see Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in Smell-o-vision. It was outdoors, and I could see a TV through the window of a bar, but it was really far away. I could tell the Rays had gotten a sac fly and a homer, and I saw Manny doing something at the plate. I also saw a Game Break which seemed to show Orioles rounding the bases.

At the end of the movie, we headed for the car, and I estimated we were up 5-2 in the eighth, and that the O's were probably on the verge of a win, since I knew they'd been up 2-0 before we went to the movie. Wrong. 6-6 in the tenth in the Sox game. We found out Pap had blown the save. And I thought right back to those stranded runners. Then Castig said "Meanwhile..." in that "uh-oh" voice. He told us that the Yanks had been down 7-1 going to the ninth, but now had the tying run up with none out. Great. My "9-games up" plan seemed to be flying out the window.

Then we sweated out extra frames, until Lugo walked with the bases loaded, and Youk put it away with a three-run double. And the Yanks' comeback fell short. Sweet Mercy's Mom.

I always love it when Yankee fans get to go through what we go through when crappy teams are handing them games on a silver platter. They went from thinking they were gonna close to 7, to the reality that they're now 9 games out.

Going back to last night, the Yanks got that suspended game, but the result seems to have moved back to the original date. So, officially, they've lost three in a row. That's stupid, I think. The result didn't become official until yesterday, so that's when they should act like the whole game was played. Either way, I was pissed about that game, as I had been when it was suspended in the first place. But it didn't matter, since we got a win, and the Yanks lost their regularly scheduled game. We picked up a half game, and now we've picked up another full game.

Great job by the O's, comin' through against the Yanks. Oh, and that was a crazy line drive Manny hit, eh? I'd love to make it double digits tomorrow.

More about Wonka, though. First of all, I realized that the reason "smell-o-vision" doesn't work is because you're concentrating on the movie, and anything you see on screen, you're going to "smell" in your mind. Just like how you don't need a person holding up photos while you read a book, you don't need people wafting scents at you while you watch a movie. (But if they are doing this, they should make the smells really, really strong, instead of unnoticeable--but I give them credit for trying. And hey, I got to see a classic movie outside, so I'm not complaining.)

Second of all--so many great moments in that film. What a great performance by Wilder. I love all of his deadpan lines. And I love how the whole thing is one big anti-asshole fest. Kid acts like prick, kid (and equally deserving parent) gets her/his due. Repeat, until the innocent ones are left standing. And win chocolate. Of course, the book is great, too, albeit totally different. My family's copy still has the library-stamped dates from the 50s in the back. I call this "the book my mom stole." But she claims "it just ended up with us somehow."

I love the old Wilder version. Depp is great, don't get me wrong, but I'm glad the old one still gets a little play time.

and this little stumble by the skanks gives me warm fuzzies. like I mentioned, unfounded cockiness had started to reach silly heights in these parts just a few short days ago, but I could feel the momentum shift out in cleveland long before y-fans knew what was comin'.
Number nine, number nine, as John Lennon murmered in his nonsensical collage on the White Album. But indeed, we're up 9! And I love it, although I thought that Jon lester left way, way too many pitches UP in the zone. Daisuke and Kazmir today....we can beat that tough leftie once again, and finally have A DAY OFF.
Smellovision, huh?
I was at last night's game. It was awesome! Our whole section was electric! I emailed you the link to the photos I took. Nothing truly off-the-wall, but I was sitting right above the Sox dugout.

The 12th inning, our whole section was screaming, had the "here we go Red Sox" chants going almost non-stop. There's something special about being a Sox fan on the road & hearing the cheers dorwn out the home team's.

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