Sunday, July 22, 2007

I Better Not Hear "Jon Lester Scuffled With Cancer"

Weekend scuffle alert: Thom Brennaman said it yesterday, and Orsillo today said the "White Sox bullpen is scuffling as a group." Hey, that one's almost correct--if you mean they're fighting with each other! One more thing about Fox--TJ cutting away from our game entirely so we could see Bonds, even though he was two homers away from tying the record. That's like missing an entire day's work to make your phone call to court to see if you've been taken off the jury duty list.

I was disappointed today when Tina introduced a sound-byte from Jim "How can I live the rest of my life, knowing I could of been with Marisa" Thome. She told us that Thome has a "different perspective" on Manny Ramirez. That perspective? That the stories about Manny are overblown and that he's a really hard worker. So why wouldn't Tina lead in with something more along the lines of "Jim Thome knows what we in Boston already know about Manny:"?

Sox win, and take three out of four from the Caucasian Sox. On to Cleveland, where Jon Lester will start tomorrow night! I think most people just think of him as "that cancer guy," forgetting about awesome he is on the mound. A real spine of steel, like Papelbon.

Crappy job by the D-Rays these last two days, but at least they got one win in the series. How can you give up 10 runs in an inning, and give up eleven runs aside from those? We know the Yanks can score, especially against the Rays. But they've got serious pitching issues. I'm not going to ignore that like many people will. Yanks starters over the last 4 games, in which the team won three games: 20.3 IP, 15 ER. As the modern humans say, "no worries" for us.

I've only become a regular reader of UniWatch in the last few months (TJ by me), but while going through the archives, I found this. Awesome. Please click on the link of Rudy in Little League.

Jere asks.....How can you give up 10 runs in an inning

Casey Fossum
Jere, just had to get a specific mention in there about the fact that Fox not only aired his other ABs, but cut to his INTENTIONAL WALK in that game.

An INTENTIONAL WALK. Intentional. They chose to walk him. They aired all 4 "pitches". Absolutely MFY-ridiculous.

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