Monday, July 16, 2007

How Can You Hold What Could've Been...

...on a cold and lonely night?

Tiffany Darwisch (you know her as "Tiffany"--we who were Tifficianados at age 11 know the full name) didn't know those words would describe part of my night at Fenway 20 years after she, or the person the label got to write her lyrics, wrote them. Except that it was a really hot night.

I was standing next to a group of guys in the standing room area on the third base side. The guy next to me looked up at the scoreboard and said "that's us" to his crew. The scoreboard read "Red Sox Welcome Sanford Mainers." As they were high fiving each other, my mind was racing: "Oh my god, that's the team Rich Gedman's son is on! Is it really them? It must be. Could one be Rich, Jr.? (Actually Michael.)" So I'm suddenly staring at these dudes, trying to see if one looks like he might be Rich Gedman's son. I really almost asked the guy next to me if they were really the Sanford Mainers. But none of them looked like Rich, so there'd be no point, really. What would I do, tell him to tell Michael that some random guy likes his dad way too much? It was weird, though, looking at them like I was Ray Kinsella or something, about to come face to face with the full-grown son of someone I still think of as he was in his playing days, when he was his son's age.

So I wouldn't meet any spawn of Gedman on this night, but I did kind of kick myself later. I should've at least got word to the Mainers that some people do indeed follow the Gedman family's exploits.

But the story doesn't end there! I'm going through my photos from the game right now, and in one of the BP shots, I totally spot the group that ended up sitting next to me, way across the field. I remembered one had a baseball shirt with a town name or something. And there he was in the shot. The shirt said "Cortland Baseball." I check the Sanford Mainers roster, and sure enough, one dude's college is SUNY-Cortland. So it was them. You can see them in the pic, which is a very-much cropped shot of Tavarez. It was those five guys and one of their girlfriends. Brendan Rowlands is the Cortland guy (gray shirt, second from left). I should've talked to them. Oh well. Watch for the rest of my pics from tonight soon.


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