Friday, July 20, 2007

The Hone Rung Kink

Interesting that Bonds, now two HR away from the record, is going to Milwaukee (home of Bud Selig and former home of the Braves), before going back to SF to play the Braves. Lots of possibilities there. I heard a while ago that the Giants would definitely have him hit the record-breaker at home. So what if he hits two tonight? Will they tell him not to try until Monday, or sit him, or what? Suppan pitches for the Brew Crew tonight. He seems like the type to be remembered for what others do against him. The Brewers also have that pitcher named Shouse. Tom House, of course, caught Aaron's 715th back in '74, in the bullpen. (But not before left fielder Bill Buckner climbed the wall in a vain attempt to rob history--I still say he picked up some bad karma there.)

It'll be weird to have a new home run king. Aaron is the only one I've known in my lifetime.

Moving on: The "scuffling" must stop! I know I've said this before, but every time somebody says "scuffling" when they can only mean "struggling," it's like a screwdriver digging into my brain. Gordon Edes is doing it on purpose now, just to annoy me. I was gonna tell you all about how irrelevant Johnny Damon is, with his .233 average, but I'll just show you this travesty, from a Daily News article:

"Obviously Johnny is scuffling a little bit, but he'll be fine," added Derek Jeter.

You can't teach that kind of English-butchering.

Are you all with me on this? You can struggle. You can be by yourself and struggle. "Struggling with your homework," for example. And you can be involved in a struggle with someone else. This kind of struggle can be referred to as a "scuffle." But Jesus Christ, that doesn't mean you can scuffle with your homework! Or at the plate, or anywhere else. This can't be right. Remy, Orsillo, Edes, Jeter, you all must stop. Say "struggling."

You know, sometimes I think they just say it because the two words sound similar! You might as well say "Josh Beckett is a ripe-handed picture with good Cattral of his faxball."

Sox at Sox, the old man vs. Beckett, 7:05.

I'm scuffling with the idea (according to TF)that because Hinske had played in the last 4 out of 6 games, he was not available last night. I guess we won't be seeing any consecutive games played records started by a Red Sox player as long as TF's managing here. Guys like Ripken, Gehrig, Garvey and Tejada must have had managers that were more interested in trying to win, than being their players' best friend.
I think I first noticed 'scuffling' around '03. It has definitely crept into the sportsface lexicon. And... I don't hate it. I just think it's stupid.
"Obviously Johnny is scuffling a little bit, but he'll be fine," added Derek Jeter.

You can't teach that kind of English-butchering.



–verb (used without object)
1. to struggle or fight in a rough, confused manner.
2. to go or move in hurried confusion.
3. to move or go with a shuffle; scuff.
4. a rough, confused struggle or fight.
5. a shuffling: a scuffle of feet.
6. Also called scuffle hoe. a spadelike hoe that is pushed instead of pulled.
7. (in tap dancing) a forward and backward movement of the foot.

I like number 6.

"Obviously Johnny is hoeing a little bit, but he'll be fine," added Derek Jeter.

Jeter should know.

A Digitally Transmitted Pitch which either has the power to wreak havoc with the batter, or be deposited in a far away place;

DFYankmes were into Faxballs, this past evening, with all those pitches deposited in far away places.

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