Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gagne With A Spoon

Okay, I'm moving into mega-psyched mode about this deal. The 'pen: Pap, Oak, MDC, Gag, Tav, Tim, Lop, Sny. Three of those guys can start (four if you include Papelbon). And I'd trust four of 'em to close. We're lookin' good. Pitching is key.

So now Murphy and Murton are gone. One helped us to a World Series (getting us Man-cave and O-Cab). We'll see what Murphy can do for us. Meaning Gagne.

Was really sad watching Gabbo have a long chat with his pitching coach, looking like he was gonna cry, and then being sent away with a pat on the back.

Now I'm thinking more about how Gagne just steps in as the closer on the day after Pap closes. We'd basically have one of the two closing every day. And if Gagne is lights out, maybe next year they revisit that "Pap as starter" thing. Lots of options.


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