Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gagne *Officially* A Sock

Gabbard, Murphy, and Beltre (16-year old) for Gagne..... if Gagne approves the deal. (Update: It's official.)

Wait, so we're getting the 1999 Gagne, right? Okay, maybe I should've said 2002. This guy will help our pen (Although what's he gonna do, pitch the 6th? I guess he could be the Pap when Pap needs rest. Or the righty Okajima.), it's just too bad Gabbo looked that good. Tough to part with him now.

This is what I was talking about with Gabbo, though--why I was so surprised that the roto-geeks thought Lester would just kind of go by the wayside for now, either being traded or sent back down. People just acted like Gabbo was the man. When we clearly knew Lester was already the man, it's just that he got cancer, which is why he wasn't in the rotation all along. To think Gabbo was a lock was just like thinking Tavarez was suddenly a superstar starter and would be through the end of his career. And just like thinking we should stick with Cora and forget about Pedroia.

It's very simple--if a guy gets hot, or starts hot, that doesn't mean that's how he'll always be--especially, if like Cora and Tavarez, he's already proven over a long career that he's just not starting material. (Or in Gabbo's case, he just isn't ready for the bigs, despite that he came up early and showed great stuff). And it definitely doesn't mean you should push aside promising rookies who are just at the point of being major league ready, or guys who were out due to a freak cicumstance, like getting cancer. All this goes back to Timo Perez Syndrome. Never look at a guy's very recent performance and think this is what he'll always be.

Now, Gabbo could be great. But we just turned him into Eric Gagne, and we keep Lester.

I would say all that stuff above is common sense, but, on NESN a few minutes ago, a poll: Who would you rather see in the 5th spot? 40-something percent said Gabbo. 31 percent said the man who's been our 5th starter since last year (but was out with cancer, and has never done anything to show he shouldn't still be the 5th starter), Jon Lester. Come on people, imagine if we'd given up on Pedroia....

O F F I C I A L!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take that, pinstripers!
Caution! Let's hope he's the '99 version.

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