Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Frusty McGee

That was one of the worst experiences I've had watching a baseball game. This month, anyway. Remy and Orsillo were off all night, as was NESN in general. As were the Red Sox. We continue to lead the league in frustrating losses.

Their first batter: High fly ball to right for a homer. Note, though, that A. Wily Mo Pena trotted over and watched this happen, instead of attempting to catch the ball, which he may have been able to do, considering the wall is shorter than he is. This went completely unnoticed by Rem and Don. B. The ball incredibly bounced right off the top of the fence, and bounced over, when it could've gone straight up, or back toward the field for a double. This also went completely unnoticed by Rem and Don.

Our first batter: A line shot on which a diving catch is made.

And, though I didn't want to believe it at that point, that's the way the whole game would go for us.

So I was already pissed at WMP, on this night when I predicted he'd hit two homers, and then he goes and pulls up on a soft blooper in front of him. I'm pretty sure the crowd booed, but I couldn't tell because NESN was doing a "Talking Tina" segment. And I couldn't tell if he could've had the catch on the replay, because they didn't show one. Wily Mo did make up for it a little with the awkward diving catch, but he then negated that by striking out with the bases loaded and one out.

Lugo still plays the field more like Renteria than Gonzalez, doing very odd things on certain types of plays. Why didn't he make a real dive for Millar's grounder? He could've at least knocked it down. Then he follows up WMP's strikeout with the bases loaded with one of his own.

On another play, WMP had to hold up when Lugo hit a ball that had a chance of being caught by Roberts. Remy, despite that we saw the play several times, had no idea this is what happened, as he said it was the quickness of Roberts that led Pena to slide well before second base.

Varitek got hit by a pitch. Yet I never saw it hit him, nor did I see a replay, nor did our announcers mention it. An odd play that deserved at least an acknowledgment.

Theo looked pretty Corleone-y behind that curtain. You could tell he spotted himself on TV, though, and notified the people with him.

On a wild pitch, Remy noted that the Orioles' catcher had "no idea where the baseball was." In the comfort of my living room, I added "...and neither does our camera!" We had to assume the ball went out of play, because no one chased after it.

Orsillo noted that it was strange that Dodger fans boo Barry Bonds, as it's "tough to rile them up about anything." Fortunately, Remy clued him in to the little-known fact that the Dodgers and Giants have been heated rivals for over a hundred years.

So, yeah, it was a frustrating night all around, with the exception of Papi, who homered twice. It was fitting we'd leave the tying run on base to end the game--and that our last batter would swing at the first pitch. But the worst offense was committed by the fans down the right field line. When a foul ball hit by the home team comes toward you, and it's above your head, as opposed to out over the field of play, you have every right, and Jesus, it's your duty, to do whatever you can to keep that ball out of the visiting fielder's glove. That was a terrible job by those people. A person who grew up rooting for the Sox did catch the ball; unfortunately it was O's outfielder Nick Markakis.

Yanks win and close to 7 back with 8 homers. None by A-Rod, as he's stuck on 499. Think he's not thinking about his individual performance more than he is the game at hand? But that's his way....

Remember when I wrote about A-Rod sneaking his way, by default, into the all-time home run race, despite being over 250 homers away from the record, which will almost surely continue to go up anyway? This New York Times article, about A-Rod not getting a homer which would put him 255 from the record, mentions Ruth, Aaron, and Bonds, along with Alex, in paragraph two. (How about listing the other 18 players ahead of him while you're at it? As I type, I've got the Giants game on, and they're talking about A-Rod. Surprisingly, Joe Morgan is the voice of reason, saying it's a long way away. But they're still talking about him as part of someone else's chase for the record, and this is gonna piss me off more and more each day...)

"you have every right, and Jesus, it's your duty, to do whatever you can to keep that ball out of the visiting fielder's glove."

THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!! Slap the glove, knock the ball away, shove the guy, ANYTHING!! Those people don't belong in RSN. I was pissed.

Shitty game tonight. I'm so hacked off right now...Sheesh. I need a drink.
I'm calm, for once. But WMP brings to my mind the word liability.........and that ain't good. I've been saying this for too long, and we could have used a bat, right handed, in yesterday's trades. But now we have a WORLD SERIES CALIBER rotation and 'pen. NOT WITHOUT THE LUMBER. I have to think we should hit better and more consistantly. I HAVE to. Or I would despair. And that's not like me.

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