Sunday, July 22, 2007

Droppin' Gs

I've always noticed that Boston-accent people drop the "g" in "-ing" words. But I couldn't quite pin down exactly when they did it, and how it was different from when anyone else did it. I kept telling my girlfriend (who's from around here, and has a hint of an accent) that "her people" dropped their "g"s, and she'd tell me I was crazy, citing Southerners and Midwesterners with their drawls who also do it. And she'd occasionally point out times when I'd do it. But I knew there was something specific about Boston "g" dropping, I just had to figure out what it was.

Finally, it hit me. What's really unique about Boston-ish people is the dropping of the "g" in "-ing" nouns. Think about it. Curt Shillin'. Nobody says that. Except Boston people. "It's only the third innin', Schillin's pitchin', and I gotta get to a weddin'!" (Like I said, any of us might say "pitchin'," but it's the three nouns in the sentence that are Boston-only.)

I have pretty much proven my point to my girlfriend at this point, although I don't know just how convinced she is. But we've definitely listened to a lot of sports radio together, with me pointing out all the "-in'"s.

Feel free to add to this or debate it or whatever. Remember, Boston people, I only joke about the Boston accent because I love it so much, and I feel that having lots of family who talk like that, and being a Sox fan, and being from New England (albeit the accent-free zone), give me the right to do so. I assure you, if I hear anyone else making fun of it, I kick them out of my house. Also, I am grouping all of northern New England together here, which I'm sure you'll be wicked offended by. So if you're from Concord and you don't drop your "g"s and you know that the people of Manchester do, or whatever, again, feel free to add to the discussion.

Schilln' or Schilling...he's back, and soon, and what a rotation we will have w/o Tavy!!!!
Easy,'re headin' the right way for a beatin'...
As the sayin' goes.
My dad grew up crossing the US, so he has no accent, and my mom barely does...all I know is I do say weddin and watah, but I couldn't figure out how I say Schilling, I'll have to ask someone to pay attention, because when i say it to listen for it, it doesn't work...

I think boston accents are great, I wish I had a real one
My father is from Boston - now down the Cape - but I grew up in the Midwest - and when I come to town for a visit - I pick up on the accent BIG TIME ! Then, when I head back home I slowly lose it .. :(

I love how they drop the 'R' when there is one and add one where there isn't ...

*sigh* the Bahston accent is so beaut-i-ful !

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